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No not the current governor sadly. A former Governor of Arizona Raul Castro was detained by the Border Patrol due to a medical device triggering the passive inspection. He a was allowed entry ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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Pope Francis meeting with President ...
by Jen Hayden
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Guantánamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba but not Cuba, thanks to U.S. empire building. Whatever else can be said about Cuban President Raúl Castro, brother and partner of Fidel, he's right about Guantá...
by Meteor Blades
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I know the Border Patrol has a job to do, but c'mon : The wife and a friend of former Arizona Gov. Raul Castro are calling for changes in Border Patrol procedures after agents recently detained the ...
by Mother Mags
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Does anyone really believe a handshake between President Barack Obama and President Raul Castro heralds a new positive direction for American foreign policy that will actually benefit the people in ...
by PeterBalesHistoryTales
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I write you from Havana, where shocking news has just been given in the afternoon noticiero : Fidel Castro's most faithful Cabinet ministers, Vice President Carlos Lage, and Foreign ...
by SneakySnu
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For nearly five decades, the United States has pursued a policy toward Cuba that could be described as incredibly stupid. That is the first line ...
by teacherken
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There's an old saying that the United States is always fighting the last war. If so, then the apoplectic assortment of Cuban-American irredentists, aging anti-Communist crackpots and knee-jerk, Cro-
by Jon Perr
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January 22, 2009, Washington D.C. - In a stunning development, President Obama went on television last night, only two days after his inauguration, to assure the American people that, "Despite what ...
by NCrissieB
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This is absolutely huge news here in Cuba, though it doesn't seem to be making waves in the U.S. From Reuters, ...
by SneakySnu
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The DSCC is looking for an alternative to ...
by Jeff Singer
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President Barack Obama's trip these past four days to Trinidad & Tobago for a summit with the other leaders in Latin America proved a stunning success. Perhaps not surprisingly, the mainstream ...
by Our Past
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Earlier this week, President Obama made a strong but cautious diplomatic gesture to Cuba. As reported by the New York Times :
by Laurence Lewis
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A very interesting story. No doubt Republican Catholics will consider becoming Southern Baptists or "impeaching" the Pope. The Pope's soft liberation theology is impacting people. “ I ...
by TomP
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by claytoonz
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Despite their decades-long record ...
by Jon Perr
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OND: News That Could Only Happen Here . . .today’s peer fearless reporter casts a jaundiced eye on America’s most hap’ning city and environs, the crossroads ...
by Limelite
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If Castro dies, what happens? This is an old question with a variety of vague answers. In Cuba, its likely that Raul, Fidel’s brother, takes over. He’s a spry....75? Even if Raul ...
by Evolution
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Obama: The United States expects you to adhere to the highest moral standards with regard to human rights. Castro: You want us to take on the same standards as the US? Obama: Yes. It is ...
by Elizabeth HB
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In a letter to the Cuban people published today ( Spanish /
by baudelairien
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