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You are walking down the street. You are stopped, ordered to spread, frisked by police, your identity checked, and questioned. There was no probably cause to stop you, this is a random check. You ...
by teacherken
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Since 2010, when this story began, the NYPD has made Adrian Schoolcraft's life miserable. He has been living with his father in upstate New York since being suspended. He is suing the department ...
by eXtina
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Earlier this week, President Obama endorsed New York City police commissioner (and stop-and-frisk champion) Ray Kelly as a worthy candidate to succeed Janet Napolitano as head of the Department of ...
by David Harris Gershon
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As the New York Times reports: A federal appellate court on Thursday granted a stay in the landmark police stop-and-frisk ruling in New York City, and removed the trial judge, Shira A. Scheindlin, ...
by jpmassar
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This racist policy needs to stop — and stop now. That is a line from the third graf of Bob Herbert's column this morning,
by teacherken
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Moments ago, by a vote of 34-15, the New York City City Council overrode Mayor Bloomberg's veto of two parts of the Community Safety Act, passed months ago by the same supermajority. The two parts .
by jpmassar
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The New York Police Department's commissioner, Ray Kelly, was scheduled to present a lecture today at Brown University's Taubman Center for Public Policy. However, the lecture had to be cancelled ...
by David Harris Gershon
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The NYPD Officer who chased, shot and killed unarmed teen Ramarley Graham in his own home, will be indicted for manslaughter. Graham was spotted by a narcotics undercover unit outside a Bronx bodega ...
by eXtina
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Bill DeBlasio ran opposing New York City's Stop and Frisk policy. In fact, his opposition to and Christine Quinn's refusal to denounce said policy are credited by some with propelling DeBlasio to ...
by jpmassar
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Next time, it could be you, if you are a Black or Latino male. Some have already written this week about the decision in Floyd v. City of New York finding that Stop and Frisk was ...
by shanikka
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Leave it to Bloomberg. A usually defiant Michael Bloomberg showed the faintest crack in his stubborn stop-and-frisk reasoning in an interview with The New Yorker's Ken Auletta. "If I had a son ...
by jpmassar
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State Senator Eric Adams, a former NYPD Captain, testified today in the 'Stop & Frisk' Trial, recalling a conversation he had with NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly in 2010 about the purpose of the 'Stop &
by jpmassar
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is simply a must-read from today's New York Times . His piece is titled Raising the Wrong Profile . It begins like this: In 2003, State Senator Barack Obama spearheaded a bill through the Illinois ...
by teacherken
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Grammy award-winning musician, DJ, and writer, Ahmir Questlove Thompson ,* sat down with Democracy Now! to talk about his career, his first book, and painful incidents of racial profiling. He ...
by LilithGardener
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They'll stop "certain people" if they're standing on the corner, waiting for takeout. Arias said that he and his partner saw Lino and another man standing on the street corner and after they drove ...
by jpmassar
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What do special favors on the taxpayer's dime look like? This: while ABC, NBC and CBS pay for their own security details, Fox News's headquarters in Manhattan is the beneficiary of free, round-the-...
by David Harris Gershon
Comment Count 15 comments on Fri Dec 02, 2011 at 01:15 PM PST with 43 Recommends
Looking at this photo, one starts to wonder if there are any good people in the NYPD. There are. This is what happens when they stop staring like fools and instead say No. Adrian Schoolcraft ...
by 2020adam
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Ramarley Graham, 18 years old, shot and killed by the NYPD inside his ...
by eXtina
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Floyd v. New York City , the lawsuit that puts 'Stop & Frisk' on trial, ended its second week today. Testimony from a number of witnesses showed that the New York City police had de facto quotas ...
by jpmassar
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The NYPD has been sued by NYC law makers for among other things excessive brutality unleashed upon OWS protesters. Four lawmakers sued the city Monday over its handling of the Occupy Wall Street ...
by Shawn Russell
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