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Prologue with a Sobering Realism : The popularity of Glen Canyon with its new emblem, National Recreation Area (established October, 1972) promotes an image of a multi-use facility that opened its ...
by richholtzin
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I like to hike. Now thanks to "Austerity," I may not be hiking as much (or as easily) as I'd like. Since someone just sequestered the heck out of the trail maintenance budget ... larger -- View of ...
by jamess
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We live in the San Juans and love spending time on the water. Our first boat was a sailboat, but we've become too old and rickety to manage the rigging, so we are making the switch to power boat. A ...
by OceanDiver
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Last week I diaried my first attempt to kayak with my German Shepherd, Sasha. I'd (fortunately) left my camera at home. I tried again, yesterday. This time, I'd arranged for my dad and his wife ...
by sheddhead
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" ...in my beautiful, my beautiful, balloon... " One might think I was an actor, given all the offbeat jobs I held in the years before I dragged myself through nursing school in my late 20's.
by FarWestGirl
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FlowRider is a kind of wave machine created by Wave Loch in the early 1990's. A fast-moving sheet of water, about 3 inches deep, gives you the opportunity to surf or boogie-board surrounded by dry ...
by lotac
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I'm sure you're all aware of Sally Jewell's nomination for Secretary of the Interior. Did you all read this from The New York Times blog by Timothy Egan? It got me feeling a little territorial: For ...
by Elizaveta
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sigh. Okay, I'll try to help. Okay, first...the VERY first thing you do, is come in, in a way, that will catch people off guard. It helps to be confusing with a touch of humor. Get all that in the ...
by mieprowan
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I took a relaxation-day-off yesterday, and spent most of it with Sasha, a German Shepherd owned by my boyfriend (called 'Garrick' around DKos parts) and me. I recently received Sasha's Pedigree ...
by sheddhead
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In the western U.S. people are wondering: "Where's the Snow Pack?" Good question. Aspen Ski Area hosted no-snow ski race to illustrate climate change denverpost.com -- 05/06/2012 ASPEN — ...
by jamess
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Hood River, Oregon is located on the Columbia River and is today a recreational destination for many people. In 1978, The History Museum was opened to tell the unique story of Hood River ...
by Ojibwa
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I like scenery, and hiking, and wilderness, and epic landscapes. I like aerial photography too, and have taken up videography {ground-based} the last few years. One lazy Sunday a few weeks ago I ...
by jamess
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Ok, this is not a McDonalds commercial but it is a reminder of what I hope those of you who will be joining us will experience in our meetup. I stopped by Ft. Cooper Wednesday. Just Vet and me.
by Vetwife
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Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the Coffee Hour at Street Prophets. This is an open thread where we can discuss what’s happening in our lives, what we’ve been working on, and our opinions on ...
by Ojibwa
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Live coverage of 134 hour journey from Bergen to Kirkenes, as a Norwegian coastal steamer makes the journey, in celebration of how they have helped tie the nation together. The ship Nord ...
by SteinL
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I am a photographer, and as such, I like to take my time when setting up photos and making sure that I have just the right shot. Last week I went to visit Lake Harriet, and joined a community of ...
by louisev
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Held annually, the McCall, Idaho, winter carnival has become a modern tradition. A festival and celebration, it is also a source of community income and opportunity for shared community effort; a ...
by The Book Bear
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Good Morning Kossacks and Welcome to Morning Open Thread We're here every morning between 6:30 and 7:00. Feel free to volunteer to take a ...
by gulfgal98
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If you live in town as I do, Sundays are generally quiet: anyone with a camper, boat, or motorhome has left town for the cool mountains, lakes, or reservoirs, with ATVs, dirt bikes, or kayaks ...
by dexadog
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Brunswick, Ga -- Yesterday's meeting of the Coastal Marshland Protection Committee was held in the Susan Shipman Learning Center, an adjunct of the Department of Natural Resources District ...
by hannah
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