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Neil deGrasse Tyson's willingness to clearly and plainly state on his TV show Cosmos that creationism is a myth has (predictably) upset Christian fundamentalists. Moreover, in an era where ...
by chaunceydevega
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This is just across the wires, and this is explosive. The New ...
by Eternal Hope
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Is ISIS a rational actor? Is ISIS an irrational group motivated by religious fundamentalism and an End Times eschatological belief system? Or is ISIS acting "rationally" within the framework ...
by chaunceydevega
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It's not as if I've completely given up on TV watching altogether. I do like to watch some HBO shows, documentaries, and when it comes to news, I'm finding that Moyers & Company , Democracy Now! , ...
by Ray Pensador
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It appears we had a f..king religious nut as President who lied to obtain support for the invasion of Iraq in order to bring the end times closer. Cheney and Rumsfeld manupulated the "boy king" by ...
by TomP
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via Right Wing Watch Conservatism thanks you, Marco Rubio, for your recent anti-science comments. America really had not heard from as many ridiculous people as we might have, in these post-Romney ...
by Hunter
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Well the drug is Christianity and the hallucinations consist of flashbacks to the 1950's. During his speech, Tancredo received a standing ovation when he said multiculturalism and ...
by LaFeminista
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(This story originally appeared at Facing South .) When ...
by Sue Sturgis
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Here, and only here, I have made no secret of the fact that I am teaching at an institution that is taking an increasingly fundamentalist turn. Since this turn is never official, quite, but always ...
by The Geogre
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by John Campanelli
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I feel compelled to write this as it appears to be free attack-atheists-day every day at DKos at the moment, which surprises me given the intent of a forum like this. If you post anything that can ...
by ResponsibleAccountable
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Ten practical proposals for reclaiming the moral high ground. Most Americans think of childbearing as a deeply personal or even sacred decision. So do most reproductive rights advocates. That is ...
by ValerieTarico
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It is just a soft and fuzzy way of saying; "Authoritarian". It is not a movement to preserve a way of life, but to impose one. I just wish they were labelled properly for what they are, bible ...
by LaFeminista
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Today, a pretty significant victory was achieved for LGBT people and for anybody who cares about human rights. As you may have already known, the United Nations General Assembly voted on November ...
by Chrislove
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I've been more than a bit flummoxed by the GOP lately. With our markets in freefall, homes and jobs in jeopardy, our health care system a mess, our infrastructure crumbling, two military quagmires, ...
by NCrissieB
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Reposted from Alternet "30 Signs You're a Slut" In middle school, my daughter Brynn went through a phase when she screened new friends by lending them a book, He’s a Stud, She’s a Slut ,
by ValerieTarico
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From Krugman (This is behind a New York ...
by sangemon
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by Norwegian Chef
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Why are they constantly reducing the value of the lgbtq community and our lives to sex acts? That's the question Alvin McEwan asked in response to Del. Bob Marshall (Republican, of course) who ...
by glendenb
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Cross posted at www.oneutah.org Back in 2008, pondering yet another Utah scandelette over the sex, I wrote :
by glendenb
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