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A couple weeks ago, TomP quoted President Obama:
by Laurence Lewis
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It looks like the Republicans thought they'd use the bailout bill to sink the Dems, but the GOP leadership couldn't lead their own troops. Crossposted ...
by robkallopednews
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Exhibit A: The front page article in the Washington Post. Above the fold.
by 8ackgr0und N015e
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by Phoenix Woman
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Still shocked that Brown, the Heck-u-va-job Oklahoma native actually had the gall to speak up at all, much less state that Obama and FEMA acted too soon in during the Hurricane Sandy disaster. I ...
by GreenMother
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by Phoenix Woman
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Eight years to the day he stabbed Al Gore in the back, Fast Eddie Rendell is back. This time stabbing Obama in the back with this nonsense: Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell today ...
by Paleo
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"According to Kantor , in the lead-up to the 2010 midterm elections Emanuel and Michelle ...
by Superskepticalman
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by clockwerks
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Back in college, a hundred or so years ago, I was a political science major. One of the fascinating things I learned about was something called the "Dolchstosslegende" which arose in pre-Nazi ...
by Hellertonian
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