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Wednesday morning, November 7, 2012, I awoke to a beautiful sunrise coming up over the trees that outline the field behind my home. I could already hear the hustle of workers making their way to ...
by leavingthezoo
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Getting ready for Saturday, before I left the office I set the Outlook email Out of Office reply function to this: Hi there. It is Friday afternoon and I am turning the OUT OF OFFICE REPLY on ...
by ArkansasJoseph
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Bacon! Is it man's perfect food? Is there anything that it can't make better? Is there anything left to discover about it? Indeed there is, and I'm about to share it with you. ...
by xaxnar
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Noxious fundamentalist gasbag Bryan Fischer has come up with a bizarre new definition of a 'Christian' nation: it's one where you can buy bacon. According to Fischer : "You want one single item of ...
by Retroactive Genius
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Woohoo! What a great time! We ended up with about 22 of us and Silly's did a masterful job of feeding and herding a wild group of cats :) Attendees were: Lets just say that there was a pile of us ...
by nhox42
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Good lord. That was one epic food coma :)
by nhox42
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Say it ain't so Mother Jones breaks down the recent exposé ...
by Walter Einenkel
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I love bacon, but what I read is more than a little nuts. But First, A Word From Our Sponsor:
by Puddytat
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How do we have education that creates such morons as what we see at Tea Parties, television, and congress? It may have to do with an education system that is out of touch.
by Woodworker
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Despite wars and other distractions, Climate Change continues. Despite one hand - other hand reporting, Climate Change evidence mounts. Despite liars and deniers, Climate Change is real. ...
by xaxnar
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The process of curing meat (including fish, shellfish, and poultry) is an ancient process, the origins of it lost in antiquity. The origin of our verb to cure ...
by Translator
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Glenn Greenwald.
by xxdr zombiexx
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Oh, just want make the rec list and Community Spotlight ;-) Hi, I love my gestation crate!!!? What can you do? Refinement Free range pigs are one great example of refinement. Refining your diet ...
by Portia Elm
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Hello all! 10/12/13 Meetup Update: Current attendees and possibles are: rebereads, Portia Elm (a potential mileage winner!), bjedward, nailbender, BillinPortlandMaine, Common Sense Mainer, mdevine,
by nhox42
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It's the Eve Of Meetup!! Hello all, Here is the eve of meetup update: 1. Bring rain gear just in case (fingers crossed otherwise :); 2. Bring folding chairs (we are 30+ at this point and will need ...
by nhox42
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Welcome to the continuing diary series "Let's Read a WHEE Book Together!" Today, we're continuing with David Kessler's The End of Overeating , with diaries generally appearing on Tuesday ...
by Clio2
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Mmmmm. Yuck.
by Food Vigilante
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&&&&& 4/20 Update- Here is the link to the Flickr group for today to upload and view photos! &&&&& 4/18 update! April Get Together Attendees and possibles: leolabeth in newcastle, Mdevine, JBL55 +
by nhox42
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From a recent Mother Jones (MoJo) article, [http://motherjones.com/mojo/2011/11/glenn-becks-favorite-gold-company-charged-fraud Glenn Beck's Favorite Gold Company Charged With Fraud] (which has ...
by Dbug
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I like bacon . You like bacon . Most of us like bacon . This is why Mitt Romney wants us to think that he's the Fried Piper of bacon in this, his new campaign poster. Once again with the false ...
by JPax
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