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Monday! If you can't be with the one you love, play love songs :) Or if you are lucky to be with the one you love, enjoy :) As you can see by Itzl's concerned look, this group gives Kossacks a ...
by BadKitties
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I often think of my hometown of Berkeley, California; living on Berkeley Way up the street from the Glass Lot Baseball Field. We called it the Glass Lot because it was, to the casual observer a ...
by Heru
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Last night I could have gone to see Todd Rundgren at a local festival. Tonight, Huey Lewis and the News are there. In the past few years in my own town, just down the street, I have seen such acts ...
by sunspark says
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The peace sign turns 50 years old this year. I turned 46 years old this year. This symbol, with three simple lines contained within a circle, has been part of my life since at least 1968. We've ...
by JaciCee
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This republican primary season has me questioning the America I grew up in vs the America that Newt and Mitt see. More beyond the pretty squiggly mark...
by Caniac41
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The famous "Saturday Night Live" segment from the 70's that foresaw our current guns-a-plenty culture. It's a bit fuzzy but it's the only copy I've seen on the internet. We wanted to see what ...
by robcat2075
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When I lived in Berkeley, CA, in the mid 1970's, I discovered a sidewalk performer/comic/philosopher who called himself Swami-X (Or Ex-Swami-X..."I used to be Swami X, but I quit...) He was ...
by old mark
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I got back on Sunday from a trip with my family down to Aberdeen, SD, where I grew up and lived from age 3-10. It was interesting to see my old hometown, which is almost exactly as I remembered it.,
by Ab2kgj
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I’ve seen a number of wonderful commentaries on the conundrum of the current GOP stance on civil liberties: we want the government out of our lives, except where women’s reproductive issues are ...
by CyberLady1
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My good friends at Amazon told me Thomas Hine had a new book coming out along the lines of Populuxe dealing with the 1970's. I was really impressed with Populuxe , so I preordered it. ...
by Steaming Pile
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