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by clammyc
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Friday brought mighty good news to all Americans, with special kudos to Democrats, and the Obama administration. The new job report claims employers have added a plethora of jobs. And wages have ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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I can't tell you how disheartened I was to read last night that President Obama was willing to put any part of Tricare on the table of cuts . The title of this piece is taken directly from Bob ...
by angelajean
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In this New York Times story, "Early HIV Therapy Sharply Curbs Transmission," I was brought up short by this wrenching, and morally execrable,
by samdiener
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Some acquaintances of mine have recently started taking care of a 13 year old girl. Great kid. Wonderful with my kids and their kids. She was abandoned over the past two years. Neither of her ...
by Muskegon Critic
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When it comes to the economy, the white house has apparently hunkered down in do-nothing mode. Other than the belief that somehow "patent reform," and so-called trade deals that actually cost jobs, ...
by Paleo
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by caliberal
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And why wouldn't they? The war is making everyone rich (except us, who pay the bill.) Reported ...
by Ralph Lopez
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America just celebrated the season of giving with Hanukkah and Christmas presents, year-end charity donations and soup kitchen volunteering. It is a time when Americans demonstrate the generosity, ...
by Leo W Gerard
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I just watched President Obama go into the Lion’s Den of the Republican Congress. The lion’s chewed him up and spit him out. Poor guy didn’t have a chance.
by SocioSam
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Crossposted from Hillbilly Report. Today Americans learned what the total price of giving total control of our government to Republicans ...
by RDemocrat
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Rep. Paul Ryan, apparently with the full support of the Republican caucus in the House, has put forward a plan that clearly destroys both Medicare and Medicaid. He calls it “restructuring,” but ...
by Michael Lux
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