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Eminently factual commentary by UMass Amherst Economics Professor Nancy Folbre (who's quickly becoming one of my favorite pundits on our economy), from Monday's NY Times' Economix blog (SEE: "[http://
by bobswern
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The '99ers' Share Their Stories Paul Solman, PBS, MAKING SEN$E -- August 6, ...
by jamess
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Now it boils down to this: can the White House and its corporate supporters find a sliver of votes in the House to pass fast track and, close on its heels, the Trans Pacific Partnership? To do that ...
by Tasini
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The VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011 created a little known but very useful program to retrain veterans for high demand occupations. The Veterans Retraining Assistance Program (VRAP) provides direct ...
by DaNang65
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The focus on the tanks and guns and other toys is obscuring the crucial point about our killer cops - they are NOT "rogue officers", they are NOT killing Americans with their armored trucks and ...
by stubhead
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Every so-called "free trade" deal that has shimmied its way through Congress has been greased with legalized bribery, starting with NAFTA in 1993, which ...
by Tasini
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I keep thinking that there will be a limit on how far thinking people will go to turn a blind eye to the death and misery brought to us courtesy of so-called “free trade”. But, lo and ...
by Tasini
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Sigh. Dumb economics again--promoted by a whole lot of good Democrats who just cannot embrace the idea that you cannot fix so-called "free trade" deals by pretending to retrain people for new ...
by Tasini
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Once upon a time, in a land too close for comfort, a land where big government should mean plenty of help for the less fortunate but currently means excessive welfare for corporations, a surprising ...
by divineorder
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This AP story on community colleges really caught my attention. In a time of rising unemployment and the potential collapse of the auto industry, this is the money quote: For students,
by crowbar317
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Dear Ms. Warren: congratulations for jumping into the U.S. Senate race in your state. And good luck and be well--you will find that being a "candidate" offers challenges quite different from ...
by Tasini
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There is a cruel economic hoax being played on millions of American workers, a hoax that unfortunately is being promoted by too many Democrats. The hoax is this: that workers who lose their jobs ...
by Tasini
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For the past ten years I have worked as a parenting educator in a child abuse and neglect prevention program contracted with the State of Florida. During the budget session that was just completed ...
by FLArmyMom
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Not a day goes by when we don't hear from the mouth of some talking head or read the words of a transcriber of press releases (formerly known as a "journalist") about the awful "partisanship" or ...
by Tasini
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I wrote a post with this title four years ago (time flies!), but with President Obama in ...
by elishastephens
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