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Paul Revere's famous ride late on April 18th, 1775 did not happen in a vacuum and it was not a joyride as recent notables in the news have described it. It was serious business conducted to warn a ...
by TayTay
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This past week, Bill Maher had three avowed conservatives on his show: Joe Wurzelbacher as his opening guest, and David Frum and Reihan Salam on his panel. The sense I got in listening to them was ...
by NCrissieB
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In 1776 a group of American colonists signed the Declaration of Independence which condemned King George III for preventing the colonists from appropriating western lands which belong to Indian ...
by Ojibwa
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I depart as air, I shake my white locks at the runaway sun, I effuse my flesh in eddies, and drift it in lacy jags. I bequeath myself to the dirt to grow from the grass I love, ...
by noweasels
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by litho
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For the American Indian nations east of the Mississippi River, the Revolutionary War was a time of great turmoil, deceit, and disaster. Both the British and the American rebels sought assistance ...
by Ojibwa
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As Sarah Palin launched her bus tour ...
by Jon Perr
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Twenty years ago, my dad gave me a typewritten sheet listing two generations of his family on his mother and father’s sides. He said, “If you ever want to research this further, this is what I ...
by notdarkyet
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Of all the leading figures of the American Revolution, there was no one quite like Thomas Paine.
by Lenny Flank
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Cross posted at All Other Persons Reasons for the Revolutionary War, ...
by EarthTone
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During the American Revolution, the city of New York was firmly in British hands. But here, in the very heart of the enemy, George Washington had his very own spy ring--which uncovered America's ...
by Lenny Flank
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by shortfinals
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There is a lot of time left after the fireworks. If you're like some people, you made this a 4-day weekend. Good for you! One good way to enjoy that extra chill time is to watch some movies. Pop ...
by Purple Priestess
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by shortfinals
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In 1777, things looked bleak for the fledgling United States of America. The rebellion against Britain was going badly, the rebel leader George Washington had lost a series of crucial battles near ...
by Lenny Flank
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Cross posted at http://leftturnsonly.wordpress.com/ Welcome to the first edition of Constituesday, kcmitch's weekly look at the U.S. ...
by kcmitch
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This is a little late but I have been thinking about the 4th of July and how its meaning has changed for me. Until several years ago, I did not pay much attention to it ... the best celebration I ...
by CorinaR
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Thank you Smintheus for sharing the Huffington Post article http://www.huffingtonpost.com/scott-horton/a-tale-of-two-georges_b_41091.html about George Washington and his strong stance against the ...
by chillindame
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I grew up during the Vietnam War, or at least I grew up watching the news of the Vietnam War with my father (yes, we watched CBS -- what else would we have watched?). Mine was a very strongly ...
by annetteboardman
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[reprinted with author's permission from twunch. ] Wikipedia says that 8,000 Americans died in combat during the entire Revolutionary War (April 1775 to September 1783; roughly 7.5 years.) In ...
by Mortime Beacon
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