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You know that nagging feeling you've been experiencing over the last few weeks as the debate over the public option has raged and you've slowly come to realize that the real problem appears to lie ...
by Count Imbroglio
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If the state of things has gotten you down, this may pick you up. (Iraq war hawk Peter Beinart has been far from my favorite pundit over the years, but he's written two extraordinarily excellent ...
by Th0rn
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Thus writes Gideon Rachman, the international affairs editorialist of the Financial Times of London in a new piece: How ...
by Jerome a Paris
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It's becoming increasingly clear we are moving into a period where anyone with centrist or moderate political leanings is now being placed in a position to have to take sides in the face of ...
by SamuraiArtGuy
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As I write this, a well-written diary by kck sits on the recommended list, taking President Obama ...
by deaniac83
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Good news for the Liberals. Gallup, known to be more of a Conservative organization, just released a poll that reveals more and more Americans are shifting in attitudes, and identifying ...
by Leslie Salzillo
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I've been an independent much of my life. When I registered with either party, it was generally to support an insurgent candidate (McGovern in 72, McCain in 2000--both quixotic campaigns in many ...
by Wanderer1961
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*Iowa Boy*'s interesting diary about the freepers and how they are alienating all but the most die hard conservatives and/or ...
by Jerome a Paris
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by keefknight
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Dear Mr. Koch, This past weekend, my family and I visited the American Museum of Natural History. This was a special visit for me. I grew up with the Museum. My mother did not understand science,
by Wanderer1961
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Years ago I was puzzled by the use of the words Left and Right when it came to politics. I had heard descriptions such as "liberal, left-wing radicals" and "right-wing conservative Christians", and ...
by Older and Wiser Now
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Even when it comes to marijuana, they're out to help the 1% .How Right-Wingers in One State Are Trying to Give Elites Control of the Marijuana Industry By Thom Hartmann / Thom Hartmann Show | ...
by xxdr zombiexx
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Recently, one of my facebook friends acknowledged me for helping her realize she could be religious and also be politically on the left. I was floored. Has the Republican party co-opted religion so ...
by njcronk
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Today, for the first time since 1958 (when the Fifth Republic was founded), the Senate of France has slipped from the hands of the right-leaning bloc (currently controlled by the UMP). The victors ...
by KingofSpades
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As people look at what is happening today in the MA Senate race, I hope they will realize what we are seeing is something that others like myself have been warning the party against since early 2009.
by bruh1
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and any comparison of the two is racist. It warrants hide-ratings for it is unbecoming of a progressive site. It is an embarrassing thing. Activists who believe in objectivity and a basis-in-...
by Setrak
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Read the article at HuffPo yesterday, got pissed and wrote something angry, then went to work. While at work I read some comments, though, admittedly, not all of them, and realized why so many ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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This diary will be brief, but I wanted to draw the attention of kossacks to Katrina vanden Heuvel's appearance on The Ed Show today. Later when the footage is up (if I can find it, I'm not ...
by Philoguy
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I have been screaming this from the top of my lungs since, I dunno, Iowa, when Obama was coasting on a media narrative as the "uniter." I do still see him as a uniter, but let's face it, the ...
by Preyanka
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Following up on his previous "Clear Choice" ad for Obama and his brilliant DNC speech, President Bill Clinton has cut a new direct-to-camera ad for President Obama: . . Transcript: President Bill ...
by MBishop1
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