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I know that the news of these killings is a few days old, but I wanted to wait until the suspects were identified before I mentioned anything about the motivations of the perpetrators. I must admit ...
by HOGvol
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Yes, the extreme right cannot deal with reality so they invent a new one and start harrassing decent people. “I don’t know what to do,” sighed Gene Rosen. “I’m getting hang up calls, I’...
by TomP
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Is Janet Napolitano, off her rocker now? There are no Timothy McVeigh's running around here now? This was the irresponsiblity of the conservative media ...
by icebergslim
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This is from Lloyd Doggett's (D-TX) town hall:
by icebergslim
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This is a different sort of diary from what I usually write. John B. Judis has an excellent article in The New Republic ...
by TomP
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The Southern Poverty Law Center is reporting that "a knowledgeable source with ranking law enforcement contacts" confirmed with their organization that LAX shooter, Paul Anthony Ciancia, had a one ...
by Steven Payne
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Dear Democratic Leaders: All of this pandemonium at these town hall meetings is highly and well orchestrated by the lobbyists groups of the insurance companies. We know this. We don't like ...
by icebergslim
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We've all seen the face of terrorism as presented to us by Hollywood and the news media: it has brown skin and speaks arabic. What if we've all been sold a fantasy? What if the face of ...
by gjohnsit
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Look we may all have agreements or disagreements about this health care legislation, but one thing for sure is that much of the noise out there is based on LIES. You have Sarah Palin dropping the "
by icebergslim
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Talk about completely missing the point and going off the deep end. Again. The GOP has now decided that the DHS's focus on right-wing extremist hate groups are targeted at them. It speaks volumes ...
by xsonogall
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While Joel C. Rosenberg's novels consistently focus on terrorist plots unleashed by jihadists in the Middle East, radical Islamists, and his own apocalyptic visions, he has steered clear of writing ...
by Bill Berkowitz
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What do you think it equals? Mix all that into a huge pot, what do you get? NO HEALTH CARE BILL. Watch Rachel Maddow, below who exposes and lays it on the line about the heavy lobby influence in ...
by icebergslim
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[Crossposted at Dirigo Blue http://www.dirigoblue.com/diary/3438/maine-refounders-post-man-of-the-year-2011-norway-shooter-anders-behring-breivik] Wow. [Pete Harring may have some SERIOUS ...
by maineprogressiveswarehouse
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At the town hall meeting in Arizona... where the president was speaking to veterans about a dozen people showed up to protest ...
by henry porter
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The Oklahoma City Bombing reminds us all how unchecked rhetoric, vitriol and hatred based on misinformation, lies, and distorions can lead down the path of severity for some individuals. Today ...
by ekimsitruc
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Even though he is on Fox News I think Shepard Smith is right on with his comments on the right-wing extemists hate mail he is receiving...
by griffin459
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by Captain Future
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I am sticking to the goddamned union. Now and forever, because I KNOW how critical unions are. We've been here before...just last year. I posted some of this before, but it seems that now it is ...
by mole333
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During more times that I care to mention, I've been exposed to very violent situations, especially ...
by Ray Pensador
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After a surge in unionization during the Great Depression and after World War II, the peak unionization rate for workers in the U.S. was at 35 percent during the mid-1950s. A 45-minute documentary (...
by Bud Meyers
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