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My Daily Kos profile says I joined the site on 29 September 2004...9 years ago! Wow!! How time flies...!! It also rates my diary frequency at "seldom" and my commenting frequency at "often." However,
by GEldridge
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Everyone who homeschools has a different reason. Far fewer than you might realize do it for religious reasons. And socialization?? When you are low dog on the totem pole, you may ...
by rosabw
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Alan Schwar of the New York Times is shocked to discover that Thousands of Toddlers Are Medicated ...
by HoundDog
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For a year we medicated our son with the stimulant Adderall, after an ADD diagnosis, to try and make him better able to successfully navigate and perform in the conventional academic environments of ...
by leftyparent
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USA Today celebrates the Boomers again. The New York Times reveals an administration plan to get lower drug prices for Medicaid recipients (though no mention of Medicare). The L.
by Ira R Allen
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Again, we get a horror of "Regulation is the Problem" American capitalism. Almost anything that politicians can be lobbied or bribed into making legal, can happen. This ugliness was a talking-head ...
by vets74
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by Eurotopia
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