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Rep. Roy Blunt (R.-MO), my local member of Congress, just got caught lying again about health insurance reform, to two Missouri newspapers' editorial boards. Today, even his usually loyal hometown ...
by itsnotbutter
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I've been pushing Robin Carnahan as a fighting Democrat, but she just lost my support and contributions. I'll vote for her in Missouri as better than Blunt, but my pocketbook is closed. There is a ...
by TomP
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Rep. Roy Blunt (R-MO), who is running for U.S. Senate in 2010, spoke at the Values Voter Summit on Friday night. He came on after Carry Prejean, the lady who got fired from being Miss California. ...
by itsnotbutter
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Hello A mishmash.
by blackwaterdog
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Public opinion polling has been all over the place in this election cycle with even noted number cruncher Nate Silver somewhat hedging his bets and unsure as to how much [unpredictability http://...
by JekyllnHyde
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In a speech yesterday in Nevada, President Obama succinctly laid out what the election in November 2010 is about: " This is a choice between the policies that led us into the ...
by TomP
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It's time to move on from Obama and Gibbs and all the dramas. Obama is not on the ballot this year. Real candidates are, however. Here's one, Robin Carnahan, willing to bring it to Roy Blunt, ...
by TomP
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UPDATE: Bond has apparently said on the floor of the state general assembly that he will not seek reelection. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0109/17213.html What could be major news in the ...
by kann
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Today's dose of bad and scary economic news is breaking out of St. Louis. Both ...
by St Louis Woman
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Missouri lawmakers this week are working to rush legislation that would prevent up to 240,000 Missourians from voting. The proposed legislation would make Missouri one of the toughest states in the ...
by Project Vote
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By Nathan Henderson-James Partisan efforts to keep up to 300,000 eligible Missouri citizens, mostly progressive-leaning voters from elderly and low-income demographics but also including such large ...
by Project Vote
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Fox News, no doubt acting on the behalf of the Roy Blunt Campaign has sued Robin Carnahan and her campaign for an ad her campaign has up that uses footage from a Fox interview where Chris Wallace ...
by Jonze
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Robin Carnahan is the Missouri Secretary of State. She was elected in 2004 and 2008. Now she is running for the Senate in Missouri. She will be the Democratic nominee and will face Congressman ...
by TomP
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I ain't rolling in dough, but I'm a little better off now than a few years ago. I can afford to make (small) political donations and decided to do so in time for the end of this quarter. I went ...
by Land of Enchantment
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Earlier this week, I profiled three candidates on ...
by Neon Vincent
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As we've long suspected, and has been reported by KO and Democracy Now, the Washington Post has fully now joined the increasingly loud refrain that the 8 (
by Frank Vyan Walton
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The Missouri Senate just adjourned. The Voter ID bill that would have sent the question to citizens of Missouri on whether to amend the state constitution requiring voters to have state-issued photo ...
by Ed in Missouri
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I discontinued my donations to the DNC when they refused to pass healthcare reform before their vacation some time back. I said I wouldn't donate until they passed it. Well, if things go through ...
by mole333
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Every State. Every race. Right here. This is number 35 in a planned series of 50 entries between now and November, looking at each of the 50 states in terms of every race on that state's ticket--...
by AdmiralNaismith
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Of course I was outraged by Rep. Roy Blunt’s ‘monkey joke’ at the Value ...
by itsnotbutter
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