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Something happened during the recent National Spelling Bee. A word that's lingered in obscurity for a century - a word we all really need today- wiggled back into the public discourse, thanks ...
by philinmaine
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The other day, James Risser put up an excellent diary 86 the 86 in '08 . These are the 86 Dems. who voted with 194 Repubs to agree to ...
by plf515
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Got a buck? C'mon. Almost all of you have a dollar. One dollar. The change under your couch. Or you could make coffee at home instead of getting a Grande whatever at your local coffee bar. I'...
by plf515
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It started on a dark day in history. A day when 86 Democratic House members voted to give George Bush Carte Blanche for Carnage. A Blank Check to Blow Up Iraq. Free Reign to Further Fubar. Money for ...
by buhdydharma
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In the first part of Rock the House! I detailed the Democrats who I thought should be primaried, based on their votes on the ...
by plf515
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Thank you for purchasing our fine product, Harry and Nancy’s 110th Congress. We are very proud of this new and improved version of Congress, which features impressive non-binding resolutions, ...
by Rusty1776
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Kossacks have been considering action to take to help Democrats be Democrats, to make good on their campaign promises -- or at least function as a real alternative to BushCo. See: http://www.dailykos.
by Roadette
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(Cross-posted at my blog, An Enduring Democratic Majority ). Thanks for taking a look at my second installment of "The Big Board." ...
by Skulnick
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And it is even worse than I thought. Over the fold, please. Update: james risser has the House roll call as well.
by Mehitabel9
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UPDATE II: Well my time is up, thanks for the great conversation. Now if you all want to head over to the after party ...
by Skulnick
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Tomorrow beginning at Noon (Eastern time) we will begin a 24 hour Fundraiser to support Steve Marchand as a candidate for Senate in New Hampshire. Marchand ...
by Elise
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In Part 1 Skulnick introduced us to Steve Marchand, who hopes to replace John Sununu in the Senate race in NH. You can give to ...
by plf515
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In the third of my lists about the House, I focus on vulnerable Republicans. These are the Republicans who either won with 55% or less or are in a district that Bush lost in 2004. Even with these ...
by plf515
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Yesterday I collected my week's snail mail from my mailbox. I found among the other pieces of junk mail, a letter from Senator Murray. The postmark is illegible, but the letter itself is dated May ...
by Mehitabel9
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I started working on this post in mid May and put it aside the day the Iraq supplemental bill passed. In the aftermath of the Democratic capitulation to the lame duck White House warlords, I found ...
by Chrispy67
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I started Rock the Houses with two goals: 1) To get huge Democratic majorities in the House and Senate and 2) To increase the number of progressives within those majorities. I've done a lot of work,
by plf515
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Thanks for once again taking a look at my monthly series about the 2008 Senate elections known as "The Big Board." As always, this massive ranking of all 34 Senate Seats that are in play come ...
by Skulnick
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Our fearless Rock the Houses leader, plf515, has already written a couple of excellent diaries on the House, specifically on House races that we should be focusing on to primary out some of our ...
by Mehitabel9
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For those of you who were away for the holiday weekend, welcome back. Something big started while you were gone..... For those who were here but didn't look in on Rock the Houses: Here's a summary.
by plf515
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Bush's popularity continues to sink. Over at Political Arithmetik Charles Franklin has his trend at 28.9%, a new low for Bush. Yet, in ...
by plf515
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