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Updated: this posting has been visited lately by visitors who have kind of rushed through this and concluded I have decided, out of the blue, to collect "dirt" on Glenn Beck. I forgot I'd need to ...
by Keith Olbermann
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Howie Kurtz has an interesting front-page article in today's WaPo detailing BillO's ...
by Savage
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[ This is a re-post from Friday because I worked really hard on it and hoped more people would see it. Thanks for your indulgence of my naked Narcissism. ] Ever since October of 1996, Fox ...
by KingOneEye
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by KingOneEye
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by The Anomaly
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A new book from Media Matters was just released that chronicles the history of Fox News and explains how a small group of wealthy, politically connected conservative partisans conspired to build a ...
by News Corpse
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Yeah, we've all known it for a long time and Robert Greenwald did a great job of laying it all out with insiders and detailed analysis in his film "
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Cross-posted at News Corpse , The Internet's Chronicle Of Media Decay. The case was made long ...
by KingOneEye
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The ACORN scandal was very real, but not in the ways some think it was real. It was another example of how a dishonest right wing smear machine can use typically dishonest right wing smear tactics ...
by Laurence Lewis
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Today on Holocaust Remembrance Day a coalition of Rabbis representing all the main branches of American Judaism took out a full page ad attacking Glenn Beck's frequent Nazi references. This latest ...
by Lefty Coaster
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I have documented numerous examples of right-wing advocacy of violence, as have many others. But nobody crosses further over the line, or more ...
by KingOneEye
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Fox News finally made it official. They are part and parcel of the Republican Party. They are now the largest donors to the Republican Governors Association, having given them $1 million dollars. ...
by Cenk Uygur
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First, let me be clear that this is not intended for the hosts on MSNBC. It's management that's the issue. The way Phil Griffin has his hosts trot out for one apology after another is revolting. At ...
by Cenk Uygur
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The Tides Foundation Strikes Back Drummond Pike, the founder and CEO of the ...
by KingOneEye
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If there is one thing for which Glenn Beck deserves some measure of credit, it is his ability to promote himself and inflate his influence on the media, and in society, outside of all proportion to ...
by KingOneEye
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http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2012/04/18/remarks-president-lorain-county-community-college-elyria-oh From TPM : In a recent campaign-trail speech, President Obama delivered a line ...
by Dartagnan
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by KingOneEye
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by KingOneEye
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Zogby asks if FCC should force "good" white people to make room to African-Americans and gays. I'm not kidding.
by LaurenMonica
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Fox News CEO Roger Ailes has become a bit of a crimp in the ...
by KingOneEye
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