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Folks , I'm going to dispense with the niceties.
by scrdchao
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This 49 year old white descendant of the slave holders of Virginia, born into a segregated South, who ...
by wclathe
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http://lunchpailleft.com/ Its already happening. I live in Hamilton county Ohio (Cincinnati) and AM 1230 is already reporting people are being forced to take provisional ballots even though they ...
by djrobertjohnson
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As people in Wisconsin probably already know, there's a constitutional amendment on the ballot this year about transportation funding: it's designed, so it says, to prevent "raiding" the ...
by SouthernLiberalinMD
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Last Saturday, I attended the annual Legislative Breakfast the League of Women Voters of Monroe County puts on at my local library. Two PA State House ...
by ProgressivePatriotPA
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I am a 44-year old white male, currently living in St. Petersburg, FL. I am moderately successful and I have historically voted Republican for president, except for Bill Clinton in 1996. Today ...
by pajoly
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According to this article, MN was using the same bad ballot tabulators in the more democratic areas that were recently found in MI to skip counting lots of votes. There may be a serious under-count ...
by fractal
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by JohnnyStayClassy
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full disclosure: I work for the Courage Campaign This weekend the Courage Campaign discovered a serious ballot design flaw in Los Angeles that ...
by juls
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Wanna see a cool picture? I haven't seen anyone else get a picture of a live ballot, so I thought I'd share mine. ...
by Auntie Neo Kawn
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If you're planning to vote in California's primary on Tuesday (and I hope you are!), and you're registered as "Decline to State" - DTS - then you need to know something about how the process ...
by eugene
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M-16 vs. Absentee Ballot. Which of these weapons is more powerful? One of them, when used correctly, has the power to kill. The other, when used correctly, has the power to create positive change. ...
by Arbo
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I've been looking forward to being able to vote on legalization come November, and it is now official. From the San Francisco Chronicle : The ...
by KumarP
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I just ran across this Release! They need people in every district to be able to get the 500 Signatures per district. ...
by Abraham Running For Congress When I Turn 25
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Yesterday, a top diary on the recommended-list captured the state of the recount in Minnesota. Essentially, Al Franken was over-...
by Setrak
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I've been out here in rural Nevada for the past few days, seeing what GOTV means for the first time in my life. Today I had a really inspiring experience. It reminded me of why I'm here, what we'...
by Liz Arnett
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So, big, big, huge massive gigantic news out of Kansas. Taylor's name has been ordered off the ballot . But the court refused to rule on whether or not Democrats must replace him with someone, and ...
by YeaYouRite
Comment Count 32 comments on Thu Sep 18, 2014 at 02:59 PM PDT with 28 Recommends
There is no shortage of disturbing/depressing meta-messages from last night's election results. There was the "What's the Matter With Kansas" message of populism being channeled into the cause of ...
by davidsirota
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by Jamaste
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We live in Middlesex County, New Jersey and our mail-in ballots arrived today. My wife is a perpetually undecided and independent voter. Not because she has no core principles or beliefs but ...
by agent
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