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"There's Army ROTC. Then There's Wheaton Army ROTC." That's the slogan used by Wheaton College, a well-known Christian college in Illinois, to promote its Army ROTC program. It turns out that the ...
by ChrisRodda
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New York Daily News posted an editorial on December 29,
by Scott Wooledge
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This will be a short diary, merely meant to make this community aware of a single case in my neck of the woods (Western Wisconsin). The subject of this story is Mike Hanke, a National Guardsman with ...
by boojieboy
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When writing anything about the military, I feel like I should first reveal my own biases. I do not believe that war is the solution to anything. Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity.
by rserven
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In early January 1979, I sat in a Cleveland federal courtroom and listened to Judge William Thomas read a prepared statement agreed to by both the plaintiffs and defendants that brought the civil ...
by kainah
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We should fast forward to a few months from now when the politicians on both the right and the left will be campaigning for votes. It will be compelling to hear the Democrats make the pitch to the ...
by Liberalindependent28
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by kainah
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Cross-Posted from The Proverbial Tundra Cherry Creek Schools District officials in Colorado are slapping each other's backs after trying ...
by AmbroseBurnside
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Army Shuns Officer Recruiting in Northeast, Shutting Dozens of ROTC Centers in Blue State America The US military has moved reserve officer training corps (ROTC) out of big cities and the ...
by robkallopednews
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This piece has been independently validated by Project Censor and Media Freedom International. Some might recall the story, reported in early December, on the Columbia ...
by okofay
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Note: I'm the author of Barack Obama: This Improbable Quest (see me ...
by JohnKWilson
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Last week, I wrote an article titled “Obama’s 13526 Mistake: ROTC Censorship”. The article was based on quotes from Professor Stephen Zunes of the University of San Francisco and ...
by okofay
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I just received this email at my college email address: Hello my name is XXXXXXX, and I am an Army Reserve Recruiter located in the XXXXX Mall. I wanted to share some great information ...
by Neverknowsbest
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by jbiddy
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The lightest moment of last night's Democratic presidential debate was anchor Brian Williams senior moment. The NBC newsman thought he was in Los Angeles. Well in Gamble Town--everything that ...
by joegarcia
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