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Here's the BBC report : Russian media say some opposition activists involved in unrest in May 2012 could also be released. Mr Putin's amnesty bill has been submitted to parliament, to mark the ...
by Ian Reifowitz
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In April we experienced 600 tornadoes in the US. Last year the count for April was 110. The six fold increase is an astounding climate change. But how did 600 twisters happen? And why? In our public ...
by Reverend Billy
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This is being reported first by Bloomberg : Four militants were killed and two wounded when Ukrainian troops stormed an airport in Kramatorsk, taking it under control, Russia’s state-run RIA ...
by Reinvented Daddy
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Today, March 25th, is Greek Independence Day, but in Athens, just as in Nicosia, there is little reason to celebrate. In the wee hours of Monday morning, the Eurogroup and Cypriot government ...
by neo11
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At the end of WWII, the roughly 750,000 German Jews were reduced to a mere 10,000. It stayed that way until the early 1990s, when the newly unified Germany decided to rebuild its Jewish population --
by lyubansky
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Some things are not obvious until they become so. And I believe the October surprise has become obvious now. Except that it arrived a little earlier, in the middle of August. I am talking, of ...
by Blue Wind
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The international war-profiteering racket works in strange ways these days. Note: this subject was broached succinctly by OneCrankyDom a ...
by markthshark
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by The Armchair President
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Fox News answers the question "How much would someone have to pay you to lie for a living?"
by thefarleftside
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I wanted to wish all the Orthodox Christians a very Happy Easter tonight!!!
by AmericasReporter
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by 8ackgr0und N015e
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by TomDispatch
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A very Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates Orthodox Easter.
by AmericasReporter
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I was inspired to write this post after reading today's "Nutpick-a-palooza." BTW, it should simply be "Nutpickalooza." The title was an homage to former Senator and longtime Google joke Rick ...
by Woody25
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One of the things about college is the wallpaper. Not the interior decorating stuff, the literal paper on the walls: notifications for events. They're everywhere, they change almost weekly, and they ...
by Mister Black
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I must apologize at the outset for the tennor of Diary but sometimes the news from the right wing of this nation beggars belief.
by Trenz Pruca
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Interview with Sergei Artemiev By Ilya Galak Brooklyn, NY Boxing is big money. Boxing is fame. Boxing is a spectacle. That is why it attracts such overwhelming attention, while touching the ...
by Elik Yuzhnij
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We are facing challenging times because too many leaders led without having an experienced based grasp of world needs. We rely too much on emasculated journalism, ranting analysis, and tweeting ...
by Peoples Lobby
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I have been urging more Mandarin and study abroad programs in Oregon's public schools and universities since the summer of 2006. This is part of that effort. It was originally posted on ...
by Dave Porter
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It’s been some 20 years since Reagan took down the Berlin Wall. Since that time the Republican Party has dominated American politics. Their supply side economic policies have been taught at ...
by guerchiotti56
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