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In the earliest decades of this nation -- before this nation was even a nation -- four waves of settlers arrived from Britain. The first three waves landed in New England, the Southern Colonies and ...
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The reason can be viewed as a protest against something we don't usually conceptualize. "Agnotology," The Science of Creating ...
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Four years ago, reading the agenda of the 2009 Values Voters Summit, I hypothesized a connection between the agenda of the Republican Party base and the values of one of America's four founding ...
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You may recall a few prominent conservatives - some of them elected officials - publicly expressing their longing for another 9/11, so that the country would be reminded of how good and safe it is ...
by james richardson
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Here we go on chapter 4 where you can take some more tests to put you in touch with the authoritarian mind. Please check all my other diaries on this subject to catch up if this is your first. They ...
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Another trailer to get you to read Altemeyer's ebook at The Authoritarians because bookflurries is doing his book on 3-24 and Altemeyer and John Dean ...
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A few weeks ago, the Research Works Act (RWA) was introduced in Congress. This legislation would forbid federal agencies from insisting that publications arising from research supported by their ...
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