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I watched some of President Obama's comments in his press conference today, one day after I sent him ...
by Eric Stetson
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Ah the the classic list of blame the victim excuses "she dressed older than her age" "wearing make-up" "fashions more appropriate to a woman in her 20s" "She would hang out with teenage boys at ...
by LaFeminista
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I don't think it's a big secret that I wanted to move back home to rural Iowa some day. When I was well my mom's farm would have cost six months to a year's pay and something less well kept and ...
by Stranded Wind
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I apologize in advance for the length of this diary. I hope that you find it worth reading, as I have to get this off of my chest, and try to channel the anger out of my body and soul and into ...
by Explodingkitchen
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This is a rare piece, juxtaposed betwixt my regular pieces. OK, now I got your attention! I am sorry for the subterfuge. However, this is actually a more important piece that the title indicates.
by Translator
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I live in rural Maine. I do what I can do, when it comes to the changeover. I am not opposed to the changeover. I managed to publish a test diary there--with my old OS and old laptop. I took me 90 ...
by commonmass
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The race is not always to the swift... Federal funds are running out at the Desert Tortoise Conservation Center, and officials plan to close the site and euthanize hundreds of the tortoises they'...
by jpmassar
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When Leaves on the Current met him in a gas station in the southside of Virginia, they called him Midnight. She renamed him Cielito he looked like the heavens at night, with a splash of white ...
by teacherken
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The support of a majority of Democrats for government monitoring of our private communications is shocking. Pew research center recently followed up on a poll done on public opinion of government ...
by FishOutofWater
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I'm writing this diary nearing the end of what has been a tiring week. To be fair to the parties involved I am not even directly involved in the events to cause the weariness, I am but a side ...
by idbecrazyif
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I've been trying to come up with something to write about pooties and woozles and birds and such, but I'm having trouble. See, I'm distracted. I'm a bit under the weather, I'm missing a textbook I ...
by Shaviv
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A couple of years ago I was very busy visiting and helping a dear long-term friend who suffered from some mysterious illness which caused spells of partial paralysis. I had a key to his house and ...
by Mayfly
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Congratulations, Ronald Reagan. Congratulations, George Bush Jr. Congratulations, the whole world is witnessing this.
by MinistryOfTruth
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For many years, the rural hamlet of Ghent, Columbia County, New York, had an iconic house. It was on the main street, State Route 66. It was quirky, and it was an eccentric landmark. It was a small ...
by davidseth
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Forgive me for being out of the loop lately on the whole Democratic stimulus package. I've been doing the whole, you know, life thing. But I just saw Rachel Maddow's show and I'm in shock. Did she ...
by TocqueDeville
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It is extremely difficult to write this diary, but I have to get my feelings out or else they will eat the life out of me. You know, one always think they are invisible from bad things happening ...
by LUlion07
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I am depressed. When I am depressed I listen to the Smiths. Come join me in listening to the Smiths. You Depressed? Don’t listen to the Smiths when depressed? Share who you listen to when you��
by BFSkinner
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My cat Molly, whom I have had since I was almost 7 years old, passed away eight days ago. Only now am I taking the effort to blog here about it. She has been ill for more than two weeks now with ...
by KingofSpades
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Sometimes when I am depressed I listen to songs that hold powerful memories for me, and although they make me think of even more depressing moments, but it feels right. All the songs below might ...
by BFSkinner
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I would like to ask for some encouragement please. more below the fold:
by math4barack
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