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Glenn Greenwald thought the reaction to Congressman Joe Wilson's childish antics during President Obama's health care speech was overstated. Greenwald pointed out that the speech was political, and ...
by Laurence Lewis
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It was the first time in his 36 year Senate career, that he's spoken out from the floor on a Supreme Court decision.
by ClaryinVT
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Glenn Greenwald, over at salon.com, has some fascinating excerpts from the confirmation hearings of Sam Alito, ...
by Gangster Octopus
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by Carnacki
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I’m heading off to Pakistan with Joe Biden and Chuck Hagel this weekend to observe their long awaited elections and make it very clear that the United States and the world are watching what ...
by John Kerry
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The Republikkkons have been using their baseball analogy -- the courts are only umpires who call balls and strikes -- to attack Judge Sotomayor and her "empathy. HOWEVER -- in his opening statement ...
by Old Redneck
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I'll be brief. I don't remember where I heard this, but it went something like this: When they put on the robe, they stop being of a political party and they start being servants of ...
by clammyc
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by John Kerry
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by jasonwhat
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Jeffrey Toobin writes in the current issue of The New Yorker about Money Unlimited: how Chief Justice John Roberts orchestrated the Citizens United decision . Toobin's article explains how Roberts, ...
by Magnifico
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Great news from the White House, which plans to fight right wing obstructionism by reappointing several blocked nominees, once the Senate returns to session, later this month. The Huffington Post'...
by Laurence Lewis
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No, it's not hyperbole. If, as expected, Judge Alito (arguably the most anti-labor of the five ideologues that currently comprise what pundits blithely characterize as the Supreme Court's "...
by Dartagnan
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Just one opinion today, a 5-4 opinion authored by Justice Alito, and it stinks. I'll let Justice Ginsburg summarize what happened: Lilly Ledbetter was a supervisor at Goodyear Tire and ...
by Adam B
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by Duke1676
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by litho
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by Senator Edward M Kennedy
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by MH in PA
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