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At this moment of triumph, with the Georgia Senate Race and a Democratic SuperMajority hanging in the balance, it would be a huge mistake to forget the lessons of 2000 Florida and 2004 Ohio. ...
by attydave
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For those of you who don't know me, my name is Jim Martin and I'm running for Senate against Saxby Chambliss in Georgia. It's been a tough fought campaign, and despite November 4 coming and going, ...
by Jim Martin
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I just got off the phone with a pumped up Jim Martin. I've known Jim since the 80's and he's a decent, progressive Democrat who can beat Saxby Chambliss for US Senate in Georgia. He has an ...
by annrose
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As many of you may remember, I traveled out to Nevada for the Obama/Clinton primary. My documentation of the results of that trip turned out to ...
by thereisnospoon
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Paul Krugman is most legitimately righteous, and his newspaper's editorial board [http://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/18/opinion/18mon1.html?hp&gwh=E43738C66C53DFFD5AF0D85D83F0A0CB even more vehemently so]
by bobswern
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Earlier today Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God. put up a post about today's Don't Ask/Don't Tell vote, ...
by PerfectStormer
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On the day that President-Elect Barack Obama announced his national security nominees, we face a crisis in Georgia. The President-Elect has taken measures to deal with the crisis, but those ...
by Nuisance Industry
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by VolvoDrivingLiberal
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Well, he's finally done it. Saxby Chambliss has forgotten that the tubes are following him around everywhere and has shown his true bully colors. Look and judge for yourself when he shoves the ...
by annrose
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Apologies for a short diary. Lots of activity, both phonebanking and canvassing, is happening this afternoon at Jim Martin's State HQ However, we need some special help from those who live in the ...
by VolvoDrivingLiberal
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Uploaded with ImageShack.us First off, I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and if you have today off as well, I hope you are enjoying it. So one of the top stories today on Daily Kos is ...
by poopdogcomedy
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Tomorrow, let's win in Georgia! Tomorrow, Georgians have the opportunity to make a statement to the nation. We can continue the wave of change that swept this country in ...
by SaxbyShameless
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Even before the automakers have had a chance to address Congress again, Senator Reid is already telling the press that there are not enough votes to give the auto industry any money from the $700 ...
by Kula2316
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It started here: The GOP Rape Advisory Chart . It’s received nearly 23,000 visits at Eclectablog . It quickly went viral via Twitter . It exploded on Tumblr, thanks ...
by Brainwrap
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Today's the day in Georgia. Turnout will be key, so can you spare a few minutes for some phone calls? TIME looks at why this race is so important and 538 reports from on the ground in Georgia. Also,
by Kula2316
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With three weeks left until Georgia's December 2nd U.S. Senate run-off election and Democrat Jim Martin trailing Republican Saxby Chambliss by three points in the most recent poll, former President ...
by Andre in Atlanta
Comment Count 83 comments on Sun Nov 16, 2008 at 01:01 AM PST with 207 Recommends
Okay, so I know this is even less of a diary than I usually put up, but I just got this in my Inbox and had to share it. I'm still laughing. Don't ask me how, but I'm on several right-wing mailing ...
by occams hatchet
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As the Republican Party waged its all-out attack in 2010 to preserve the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy , the GOP's number two man in the Senate provided the talking point to help sell the $70 ...
by Jon Perr
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Nothing makes a politician or group sounds weaker than whining for an "apology." Seriously, who gives a flying fuck if Saxby Chambliss apologizes? What you do is make that fucker own that shit. ...
by kos
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Even those of us who haven't seen The Godfather are aware of the classic "Horse Head" scene, where the movie producer who won't give Don Corleone's Sinatraesque godson Johnny Fontane a plum movie ...
by gf120581
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