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Standley Lake High School students take to the street with signs showing support for their teachers and a quality education. (Love the Jay-Z reference!) Last year, a slate of conservative ...
by djrez
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I am tired of the insinuations and flat-out accusations that people who support President Obama's administration are not true progressives. There are at least two classes of progressives: ...
by CatM
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In recent years San Diego progressives have successfully worked to elect a majority on the local school board. We’ve recently learned that the losers in those elections have a new trick up ...
by dougbob
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by Paul Hackett
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If there are two things that I want everyone reading this site to internalize, it's that 1) there ...
by kos
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by My Philosophy
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by Mark Sumner
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by EsotericallyInclinded
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In Jefferson County, Colorado, a far-right school board proposed a curriculum change for history ...
by Jen Hayden
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When my little home town of Wheatland, Wyoming gets publicity, it is usually the bad kind. This month is no exception. Our school board, showing a wealth of bigotry and ignorance, has voted to take ...
by Apollo18
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The bold protest of Jefferson County, Colorado students to the actions of the conservative majority on the Jefferson County School Board in Colorado has already drawn national and international press.
by wade norris
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After bullying the minority of sensible members into submission, extremists on the Texas State Board of Education managed to distort, water down, and politicize the curriculum. Now they complain ...
by RebeccaBellMetereau
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North Carolina's Wake County School Board has had a 5-4 Republican majority since low-turnout races in 2009 unseated some Democrats. Republican Ron Margiotta was then named chairman and he has not ...
by KingofSpades
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Rahm Emanuel, the incumbent Mayor of Chicago who claims to be a Democrat but is Republican Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner's vacation buddy , publicly railed against a non-binding referendum on ...
by DownstateDemocrat
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It's been a week since the Iowa Supreme Court heard oral arguments in Varnum v Brien. You can view the video of the ...
by desmoinesdem
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Recently, the Back to Basics PAC started a campaign called: Rick Perry is a Coward . Guess he's not ...
by angelajean
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Faux News, who has been stirring up a feeding frenzy of national misinformation on the Helena School health curriculum update, which ...
by Montana Cowgirl
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Medford, Oregon doesn't make a lot of national news. It's a rare (and usually not happy) story that comes from the largest community in Southern Oregon into national awareness. Our little labor ...
by JD SoOR
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East Aurora, IL school board unanimously adopted a policy recently affecting transgender students. The new policy specifically states that transgendered and gender nonconforming students have the ...
by rserven
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Election 2014: 6,048 legislative seats and 2,161 school board seats. But who cares, right? Those numbers doesn't include the thousands of city and county commission/council elections that happened ...
by mdmslle
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