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Hold on to your hats folks, looks like the dems are digging in and taking it to the Repubs and getting ready for the down and dirty trench warfare. Sen. Chuck Schumer launches the latest salvo.
by Beetwasher
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Instead of just screaming this idea in the comments of veratis' liveblog of Obama's townhall ...
by Lib Stone
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Sen. Schumer of New York has gone on record attacking President Obama's mild attempts at gently pressuring Israel to abide by past agreements ("The Road Map") and international law by not expanding ...
by Tom J
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On August 12, 2010 Chuck Schumer proudly spoke of the Senate Passage of legislation which would combat the abuse of the guest worker visa. He stated that the guest workers were being imported to ...
by IT Professional
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by rdobbs2010
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Those of you who know me know that I have been very critical of President Obama in several diaries and comments ranging from civil liberties, torture and torture prosecutions, healthcare, and LGBT ...
by Yalin
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Today Reid/Schumer/Leahy will hold a press conference on their plan of stripping the Insurance Industry of their anti-trust exemption. This exemption had been implemented since 1945 and no other ...
by Drdemocrat
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The story of the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) really is the story of the downward spiral of American politics. It goes like everything else: Good policy from decades ago slowly loses its ...
by davidsirota
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U.S. labor unions now have to "compromise" with big business to screw American workers so that Congress can claim progress in immigration "reform". Last year Howard Foster says in an excellent piece ...
by Bud Meyers
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Now is the time for the President and Harry Reid to force the Republicans to put or shut up. Put them on the floor, make them stand in the well of the Senate and speak against the bills and ...
by KJG52
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The best compliment a research scientist can pay another is "I wish I had thought of that!". This idea of an opt-out for states is one such idea. I don't know who thought of it first, but I am ...
by organicdemocrat
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I'm not the type to worry about who has better office real estate when it comes to office politics. Space is just space to get your work done. But when it comes to Senate office space, that's ...
by Great Lakes Gal
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On August 12, 2010 Chuck Schumer proudly spoke of the Senate Passage of legislation which would combat the abuse of the guest worker visa. He stated that the guest workers were being imported to ...
by IT Professional
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Don't allow the premature release of the deficit commission report create a diversion away from the urgent problem of unemployment benefits extensions. The diary below contains a link to the AFL-...
by proud2Bliberal
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The Los Angeles Times reports that President Obama has been ...
by Petey2
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Let me preface this diary by saying what this diary isn't. This is not GBFW. This is not TTFN. I am not packing my bags for Canada even though they have many of the things that I as an American have ...
by Rob Dapore
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Yet more evidence that the public supports comprehensive immigration reform Thursday’s Senate Immigration Subcommittee hearing kicked off the debate on comprehensive immigration ...
by ForumDriv
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The fact that only 4 Senators stood to protect the people of the United States from the KGB like activities of the FBI and Mr. Mukasey shows how far wacked this country has gone. ...
by Tadly
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By MJ Rosenberg: Media Matters Action Network You know the old definition of chutzpah? A guy kills his mother and father and pleads ...
by mjx47
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"So this is a plea to President Bush, for the sake of America, please get your party in line. Get the House Republicans to be ...
by understandinglife
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