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The conspiracy theorist label is the cleverest tool the conspirators have come up with to deter the people from investigating and questioning their (the people's) own government. The truth is, the ...
by TocqueDeville
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floods and landslides in Fukushima ,,,, usercomment: Shell Game in the News,,, TEPCO stops work due to high rain but assures us Flooding won't affect reactor complex? Fukushima now ...
by nathguy
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With all of the criticism that fell upon Jimmy Carter’s book: Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, it was almost impossible to find a reasoned defense of this great humanitarian’s intent in ...
by eojidla
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The Nation magazine editors tonight emailed an invitation to celebrate Molly Ivins on her passing, which I pass on. She often wrote for the magazine. The nation's mostly widely ...
by jjjyoung
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This, *First Arab Nominated for Holocaust Honor*, is the headline put out by the Associated Press on the first Arab to be nominated for the Righteous Gentile award, which has already been bestowed ...
by eojidla
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Lest anyone believe that Jewish world opinion towards Israel’s rightist project to achieve a more nationalistic or extreme Zionist conception of Israel is singular, read below. A kind of ...
by jjjyoung
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Looking for information about what is actually happening in the West Bank, I fell upon the website of the *Applied Research Institute-Jerusalem (ARIJ)*. ARIJ is a nonprofit organization that since ...
by jjjyoung
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As a deleted former regular at Daily Kos myself (didn't buy St. Obamaism, took a balanced approach to the pain on both sides of I/P), I am always in ...
by fairandleft
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I shouldn't have to read titles like this -- Israelies ram Gaza relief boat carrying former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney --
by ObamaLovingExDemocrat
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Not everyone around here is going to like this announcement, but today is the beginning of a week long series of events to stop Apartheid in Israel and Palestine. The *3rd annual Israeli Apartheid ...
by jjjyoung
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In April 2001, Scott Ritter was invited to Washington, DC by a group of Republican Congressmen. The subject was Iraq. He chastised the Republican lawmakers with a warning that if they continued to ...
by jjjyoung
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I was finally banned from this site a little less than a month ago (EnderRS). It is possible that it happened because I created a user on the "site of ...
by EnderSR
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While The Big Three And The UAW Are Being Squeezed To Death. If you need more proof that the United States is just a banana republic with its elites ensconced on Wall Street, ...
by pootie MILF
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According to the [National Enquirer http://www.nationalenquirer.com/sen_john_edwards_caught_with_mistress_and_love_child_in_la_hotel/celebrity/65193], ex-Senator John Edwards was caught meeting his ...
by inside 4ll
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The content of this diary has been deleted due to this diarist being a known sockpuppet of a previously multiply banned user. From now on, diaries made by known sockpuppets of previously ...
by tiztiq
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Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, gave a sermon at the school's Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel in Washington on January 15, 2006. It is now being used ...
by Jim Fetzer
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Although we haven't seen it in America since the Vietnam War protests, there is such a thing as civil disobedience going on to protest the Iraq War, and more recently, the invasion of Lebanon, not ...
by AmericaninDublin
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