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As you know, Mormons have a practice of converting dead people from other religions into Mormons through a practice known as posthumous ...
by RfrancisR
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"During the years of the Third Reich, every German carried with them a document that had to be on their person at all times. It was not a driver's license, not a passport, not even ...
by Troutfishing
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Well for all those folks worried that gay protests are counter-productive for dealing with Mormon aggression, why don't we ask the Jews how negotiating respectfully works out? Fourteen ...
by Scott Wooledge
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While President Obama's looming commencement address at Notre Dame sadly remains controversial among a vocal minority of Catholics ,
by Jon Perr
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Even after I had shed the superstitions instilled in my childhood, I believed a man named Jesus once roamed the Middle East. Though not the supernatural offspring of any god, I figured he was a ...
by SecularSchoolTeacher
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by shortfinals
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Mormon church blocks whistle-blower’s access to baptism data A technological crackdown, telegraphed by Mormon leaders, has effectively blocked the pre-eminent whistle-blower of controversial ...
by jlms qkw
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I am trying hard to get over the ABC Debate Debacle. It is difficult.... But Stephanopolous needs our help. He enlisted Hannity for question suggestions but I know we can do better. After all, that ...
by Temmoku
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Back 30 to 35 years ago my fundamentalist neighbors didn't seem to care about politics. They worried that my daughter was going to hell because she had been baptised as an Episcopalian with a few ...
by Coastrange
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by Stonewall Custer
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History of Organized Labor We fought to define what Organized Labor stands for We learned what it means to live with Organized Labor Now we are experiencing what it is like to ...
by Bill Wiltrack
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As where all of the U.S Presidents who died prior to the late 1800's. As were all of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. A lot of famous people were Mormons, even Christoher Columbus. Of ...
by rmonroe
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The latest dig at Romney's religion came from ...
by sad pony guerilla girl
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A diary to bring attention to the process through which Holocaust survivors (and other non-Mormons) end up being baptized after their deaths by the Mormon Church.
by HistoryCARD
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It started when they first announced Pennsylvania. My face quivered, tears began to well but I fought them back. Virginia had not been called. Georgia looked grim. We worked on. "We need ...
by tecampbell
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