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Cross-posted from The Chicago Dope U.S. State Department officials announced on Thursday that the ...
by Copernic
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“Love for or devotion to one’s country.” That’s the simple and short definition of “patriotism” found in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary. So, here’s my question, “is it possible to ...
by RobElders
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Apparently, the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, a coalition of anti-gay sheriffs and homophobic supporters, held a rally on Saturday billed as a "call for an uprising" ...
by librarisingnsf
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Snark from TheDesperateBlogger.com Ever since Texas Governor Rick Perry sank his teeth into an otherwise routine conservative tea bagging ...
by real satire
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The cries of "Taxation Without Representation" means OUR GUY LOST, screw you guys, I'm going home. Well, Boo Fucking Hoo. Call me the fucking Waaaaammbbulance, Cartman. Because this secession ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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Cross posted at Huffington Post . As you may have heard, the man who has ...
by headzup
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Governor Martin O'Malley, (D Maryland) joked that his Republican colleagues in the red states across the country are probably thinking of seceding from the Union in response to yesterday's Supreme ...
by msopine
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If the Right Wingers in Texas (and other Southern states) want to secede - let 'em! In fact, we should HELP out and sign their petitions! Just think. If Texas secedes, the Electoral College would ...
by JoeS
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There has been a lot of gum flapping lately about the secessionist “movement.” What a thoughtful, intelligent, community-oriented, and patriotic bunch those people are. And so diverse!
by Presumptuous Insect
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Let me start by saying that I look in the mirror and see a white man staring back at me. I am Jewish, and I do know that there are people even here in the liberal northeast that see me, not as white,
by Woody25
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Once again, Texas has decided to invoke it's own version of sabre-rattling by threatening to secede from the United States of America. The elected officials cannot abide the federal government ...
by DeathDlr73
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By Michael from Eyesonobama.com: Texas' Republican Gov. Rick "Haircut" Perry made the toying supposition that, well, ...
by eyesonobama
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Later today history will have officially come full circle, and it only took a near sesquicentential - 148 years to do so. Later today the Republican Party will nominate to high office someone ...
by mediapolitic
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by yoda1117
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by trykindness
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"Democracy is hard," Hillary Clinton said when she met with President Mohammed Morsi in July 2012 . "It requires dialogue and compromise and real politics. According to the Guardian : In a series ...
by healthy
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