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(Note: This diary is not meant to be an attack on the Latter Day Saints movement, or all Mormons. All religions have their extremists, their moderates and their liberals. The point of this diary is ...
by Shawn Russell
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Sure, I don't particularly care what some religious cleric thinks of me. But I'd like to point out that, on the whole, atheists are looked down upon and seen as being deficient in some way. ...
by onanyes
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Contrary to what the Bible-thumpers say, bringing your children up without imposing religion on them is more likely to produce happy, ethical, caring, rational, law-abiding, and well-adjusted ...
by Th0rn
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I just finished reading Pentagon Pushes Apocalyptic Christianity . and took a careful look at the comments. It is always so much ...
by arodb
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Thanks to many of your Rec's, you may have heard about this recent controversy : In a TIME cover story on service Joe Klein writes about the Oklahoma tornadoes and disaster relief volunteers. He ...
by pierre9045
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You know that old time dog-whistle you heard the other day -- you know the one -- the one that helps demagogues to name a problem in society, or people who do or say things they don't like, and ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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Yesterday, an Arizona State Rep named Juan Mendez opened the Arizona House of Representatives afternoon session with a Godless, Secular invocation for the first time in state history. Most prayers ...
by pierre9045
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I would like to point you all to a really great piece on today's CBS This Sunday Morning about Atheism. Atheists: In godlessness we trust It was reported by Mo Rocca, who I must admit I have a ...
by pierre9045
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It has taken me a few days to reflect on Mitt Romney's questionable invocation of faith , history and the founding fathers from last Thursday night, " Freedom requires religion just as ...
by Brahman Colorado
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English version of the article that first appeared in the Polish Magazine Krytyka Polityczna Though it claims to be one of the world’s fasting growing religions, and now holds over $1 billion in ...
by Brit
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Over the past few years, two topics have come to dominate the discourse about religion in America. The implementation of the Affordable Care Act and especially the rapid acceptance of marriage ...
by Jon Perr
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by LithiumCola
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[Full disclosure: I am Lutheran (ELCA)] Everyone and their grandma knows that mainline liberal Protestant denominations are going the way of newspapers. Right? Demographic trends show mega-church ...
by Simul Iustus et Peccator
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by My Philosophy
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That might have been a good title for my essay , just out in the new issue of The Public Eye magazine. In it,
by Frederick Clarkson
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The bogus narrative of the Religious Right -- that there is a humanist or secular humanist or secularist "religion" bent on taking over America has already been one of the features of this election ...
by Frederick Clarkson
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by BrianMcFadden
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Hilary Clinton made a pretty good speech last night , and a good part of it dealt with unity in the Democratic Party. ...
by Doctor Frog
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For many years of my childhood, I was a Christian. In my teens, I eventually lost my faith. However, for a long time, I identified myself as an Agnostic, because while I no longer believed in the ...
by pierre9045
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In a news item you may have missed beside everything else going on this month, over 300,000 people attended a rally in Ankara, the ...
by Cecrops Tangaroa
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