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This diary continues where yesterday’s diary left off and completes the series. Feel free to consult any of these Colorado Plateau/Four Corners region diaries for general information and ...
by richholtzin
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Prologue : This diary continues where yesterday’s diary left off. Thus a continuum of just about everything you ever wanted to know about this multifaceted, and typically high country province. . ....
by richholtzin
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In addition to the diary on Res Dogs, which I posted earlier today (and I do hope those of you who love dogs will at least peruse its contents), the following diary begins a 3-day back-to-back ...
by richholtzin
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Redistricting in Arizona is done! Last week, the Independent Redistricting Commission voted 3-2 to approve the final Congressional and State Legislature maps for the state of Arizona. They were ...
by KingofSpades
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There are a lot of annoying things about Huffington Post. Their headlines often lie, if Arianna likes you you can get away with saying anything, and sometimes actors shouldn't be given the chance to ...
by T Fitzsimmons
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James Arthur Ray , “Spiritual Warrior” salesman and frequent contributor to the Huffington Post exerted intense ...
by T Fitzsimmons
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An entry in the Encounters series Six weeks ago, I walked amongst the red rocks surrounding Sedona, Arizona. I was in Sedona after having driven my mother there and was able to take a few days to ...
by aimlessmind
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For a while now, I've been saying Republicans have a shot at losing control of the Arizona legislature under the newly-redistricted map. And I still think so, but if I'm right, the swingiest open ...
by Xenocrypt
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When Sweetie and I left Arizona the last time after our Grand Canyon excursion something ...
by Adept2u
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This is my pet peeve. Since the inception of the Recreation Enhancement Act "experimental fee program”, charging for hiking in the National Forests, I have not gone hiking in many areas in the ...
by notdarkyet
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We began this yesterday evening but as things have developed it seemed a good idea to hoist this up again with updates. Besides my being banned twice yesterday from Huffington Post for ...
by T Fitzsimmons
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by KWeberLit
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The Washington Post reported yesterday in a well researched report that Cindy McCain, John McCain, and the Secret Service early in 2007 managed to get a site survey and temporary cell tower put in, ...
by louisev
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Josh Marshall has a piece on McCain's house memeory and posted this video that McCain's daughter put up YouTube about the fun, really cool day when all the national press showed up at their "ranch"..
by miguelmas
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A few closing thoughts on the James Arthur Ray story are in order, because he is likely to disappear amid the 24 hour news cycle ...
by dailyrev
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