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I just heard a portion of a speech by John McCain at a town hall meeting in Michigan. He was railing against the internet. His speech, delivered to an audience which looked to have an ...
by Granny Doc
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I know you don't want to accept it, but liberals over the past 120 years or so have really hurt me and my people: the straight, "white" male. Please take the time to review my argument and judge it ...
by GoGoGoEverton
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He thought he knew better than his people; thought he could, through sheer force of will, change a public mindset centuries in the making. He was an iconoclast (literally) 2000 years before the ...
by Unitary Moonbat
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... is a book about Limbaugh's unsuccessful bid to become a co-owner of the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League. It will hit book stores all over the country tomorrow, filled with hot ...
by JekyllnHyde
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There's an old comedian's joke called "The Aristocrats". Filthy as you can make it, it was never told to audiences but rather around the proverbial water cooler amongst comedians. Even Jack Benny ...
by commonmass
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For the three of you that have read my diaries, it should come as no surprise that I'm a fan of Mr. Maher. We have quite a bit in common...we're mostly Irish, incredibly sarcastic, dig the reefer, ...
by Relevant Rhino
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Hillary Clinton's entire electability argument can pretty much be boiled down to one four-letter word: Ohio . As ...
by JedReport
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Maybe we should ask Markos to rename Daily Kos to Fine Liberal Cannibals, the daily web community that eats their own. I suspect that Kos would secretly like to rename his site 'I Hate Caroline ...
by NellaSelim
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by NellaSelim
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In it's ongoing effort to prevent needless acts of planned parenthood, use of contraception or addictive hormonal drugs, cries for equality and equal pay, and other acts of violence by women against ...
by Persiflage
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Watch the video below to see JeffLieber and droogie6655321 take off in the Atlas V rocket headed to the Moon. They are trying to find some green cheese for their whine. OK. This diary really has ...
by NellaSelim
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I know you're shocked to hear that Fox News isn't buying the RNC line that somehow, Obama is to blame for gas prices. I'm sure you've seen this bit of stupidity... This is wrong on so many levels ...
by Great Lakes Liberal
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Who says the gods don't cuss? Cosmically speaking, of course. A recent photograph from the Cassini spacecraft revealed a ...
by NellaSelim
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After tonight's debate, Senator Obama -- and I congratulate you on your fine performance -- I think the time has come to address something not exactly urgent, but still in the end important. This ...
by skralyx
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I used to have respect for HBO, but starting tonight, I am convinced that that once-fine cable network has gone completely berserk, by airing a hagiographical puff-piece multi-week series about the ...
by Viceroy
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The Danville News , is reporting that our own beloved Virgil Goode, Idiot ...
by Granny Doc
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There seems to be a correlation between high intelligence and depression, among other mental woe. Mine is profound, deep horrible depression. Meds do me fine. No one who knows me casually even knows.
by CanisMaximus
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OK, I'm hereby calling for a boycott of Ty, Inc., the company that makes "Beanie Babies". Not because they just ...
by Brainwrap
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Full disclosure: I'm a Texas native, so I have the right to whine a little. Lots of people on this site have blamed the Big Three for producing the kind of vehicle that plunders resources and is ...
by northsylvania
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In the media wars, the Democratic party has nothing on the Conservative Republican Alliance of Propaganda (i.e. NAMBLA). The right wing has way too much money, and are way too loud, stupid and ...
by googleimage
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