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Remember on "Meet the Depressed" when Arlen Specter said: Host David Gregory challenged that answer, asking whether the agreement to keep his Senate seniority was an inducement. "No, ...
by brooklynbadboy
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The purpose of this diary is to put some contact focus on our 6 new newly-elected in 2008 Dem Senators, who WILL vote this Tuesday Nov. 18th by secret ballot on whether or not Lieberman gets ...
by SwiftBoat McCain NOW
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Update see bottom of diary for link to petition for an up or down vote. I just received an email from my senators, Mark Udall and Michael Bennett...It said in part That's because the ...
by beyondleft
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Reports are that the vote was rather lopsided. Sad. But good for the blogging business, the way a Sarah Palin victory would have been good for the late night comedy business. UPDATE:
by David Waldman
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Word is that it's looking like Lieberman keeps the Homeland Security gavel, but -- get this -- loses the Environment & Public Works subcommittee on Private Sector and Consumer Solutions to Global ...
by David Waldman
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The United States Senate:"the greatest deliberative body in the world," has become the saddest spectacle in America. Nero has nothing on the Senate, we should send fiddles and matches to Senators on ...
by KJG52
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I tried posing this question on Markos's front page story, using comments, but I think that using tips as votes doesn't work because it inhibits voting in an unpopular way. So I am creating a diary ...
by Seneca Doane
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I borrow this from MYDD : We CANNOT tolerate a leader of the Senate Democratic Caucus who supports George Bush and McCain's War in Iraq. We CANNOT tolerate a Democratic ...
by AyersTeach
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Last week we declared that this report was going to change, retaining the [http://klout.com @Klout] rating, but that there would be new sources of information. Since that declaration ...
by Blog Workers Industrial Union
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I saw Chumley's diary about Joe Lieberman, and just wanted you to know we're talking about starting a Wiki documenting all of the treacherous actions of Connecticut's Senator. First off: THANKS, ...
by The Truth
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