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by Larry C Johnson ( bio/blog ) The Bush/Cheney acolytes keen on smearing Joe Wilson took a couple of gut shots at the Scooter Libby trial today. One of ...
by L C Johnson
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NBC News foreign correspondent Richard Engel has been getting an earful from folks at Langley about the Senate Intel Committee's report on torture, and America's spooks are quite the Grumpy Cats ...
by Crashing Vor
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It's coming out. The Bush Administration was warned, repeatedly, months before the event, about the consequences of a badly planned Iraq invasion, with no meaningful strategy to "win the peace." It ...
by The Lighthouse Keeper
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by erik in grayslake
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Please read and rec this! Today, June 5th, 2008, Senator Rockefeller has released the long, long overdue "Phase II" report ...
by bejammin075
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The first hand George W. Bush ...
by Carnacki
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by Larry C Johnson ( bio/blog ) One of the peripheral benefits from the Scooter LIbby trial (apart from the pleasure of watching the Bush Administration ...
by L C Johnson
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by fredfish
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by Larry C. Johnson ( bio/blog ) Douglas Feith, the former number three man at Rummy's Department of Defense and co-author of the debacle in Iraq, proved ...
by L C Johnson
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by Terre
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After closely following the National Security Agency story for two years (16+ months before anyone ever heard the name, Edward Snowden), I can honestly say that blogger and journalist Marcy Wheeler’
by bobswern
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by Georgia Logothetis
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by Larry C Johnson ( bio/blog ) Dougie Feith appeared on Faux News Sunday with Chris Wallace today and emphatically denied that he or anyone in his office ...
by L C Johnson
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Crossposted from [West Virginia Blue http://www.wvablue.com]. It's 1:43 a.m. and I'm awake posting on torture. I have to be at work in a few short hours. I have a life and family outside ...
by Carnacki
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by Torquemadog
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The "dumbest fucking guy on the planet," as Douglas Feith was called by Gen. Tommy Franks, was charged by Paul Wolfowitz, shortly after 9/11, with looking for "state sponsors of terrorism," and that "
by SusanHu
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by Todd Johnston
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This evening, McClatchy and The / / Intercept's Dan Foomkin are reporting upon two major developments in the ongoing, knockdown-drag out pissing war between the Central Intelligence Agency and the ...
by bobswern
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With their 225 votes ...
by Jon Perr
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Senators: NSA must correct inaccurate claims over privacy protections Two senators on the intelligence committee on Monday accused the National Security Agency of publicly presenting "inaccurate" ...
by Richard Lyon
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