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That's right, a Major Federal Bridge In Kentucky is ...
by cc
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This Diary might just piss you off .... Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author wrote a brilliant, and maddening, article for Reuters describing the fact that many large Corporations, posting ...
by cc
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Thursday on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart issued the #mcconnelling challenge . If you missed the idea, last week Mitch McConnell's campaign posted an "ad" consisting of nothing but PR film backed by ...
by Frankenoid
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Not so much euphoria everyone. If you think today's pending budget deal solves any problems, you haven't been paying any attention and there are lots of warning signs that Congress has once again ...
by dweb8231
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It is true, unfortunately, that the proposed deal now being hammered out to lift the debt ceiling does not include any new revenue, as the President and Congressional Dems had long advocated. The ...
by twcollier
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History is full of examples of heads of state doing or saying something which then goes on to become a social tradition or a famous catch phrase. For example, there is the custom of concert ...
by Daddeeo
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You may recall Ronald Reagan’s famous slogan for the START treaty (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) that brought the Soviet Russia and the United States together to reduce nuclear weapons by ...
by David Phillips
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Enough is enough Senators and I am talking to all of you, but especially Democrats.....you really need to clean up your collective act. Aren't you embarrassed at your reputation? Do you have any ...
by dweb8231
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We've had Jon Kyl (R-AZ) sobbing that working the week after Christmas was "disrespecting" Christians everywhere, Jim DeMint (R-SC) self-righteously declaring that it was "sacrilegious" ...
by StuHunter
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$8.8 billion. $125 per person. Wow! I see what you mean about tightening our belts at home. We sure have our priorities straight, huh? Superficial bragging rights for those who feel love based on ...
by sandyknauer
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The Hillbilly's 28 second Youtube video to Senator Mitch McConnell concerning the economy.
by HillbillyReport
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