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( h/t to Calculated Risk ) Here’s the latest spin on Main Street’s “new normal,” from the Wall Street Journal blog, earlier tonight: [http://online.wsj.com/article/...
by bobswern
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This is the opening paragraph in the Friday edition of the New York Times. And it tells you everything about who benefited from the corrupt Republican/big pharma Medicare D ...
by nyceve
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After all this time, including the hard lessons of 2010, Democrats refuse to learn a lesson that Republicans mastered a long, long time ago: Fear Your Base Democrats not only refuse to learn it, ...
by Puddytat
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by nyceve
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I gave a ride for my friend so she could clean houses. I know the owner well.Mary opened her car door to let my friend in and I asked her when she was going to marry me and stop cleaning houses.She ...
by Vet63
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by nyceve
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I went to lunch yesterday, McD's dollar menu, with three friends. It is all we can do anymore, I am retired disabled and 2 of the three have lost their jobs. But we are long time friends, so where ...
by one pissed off democrat
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Today is the 45th anniversary of Medicare. Don't take Medicare for granted, there are forces in this country determined to destroy it. Now glance at your mother or your aging father or your ...
by nyceve
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The Back Story Two years ago I went to pay my property taxes in person. The woman to whom I paid my taxes was friendly, helpful and informative. After accepting my check for $3,100 she said the ...
by llbear
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by Shaking the Tree
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If you still can't define Murder by Spreadsheet , I promise, you will know what it is after you read this diary. I've told you over and over about the volume of emails I receive ...
by nyceve
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"What is to be done" was a famous political pamphlet over a century ago. While it proposed what has become to be know as "vanguardism," I will rip the title out of its context and use it here. ...
by TomP
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It's beautiful in Seattle this week. Yes, the nice weather here IS newsworthy. I met one of my many friends over 65 years old for coffee. It was a beautiful morning and we sat outside to enjoy the ...
by Vet63
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Wis Gov Scott Walker (R-Dark Side of the Force) So much dump, so little time.... Flippity Floppity ...
by Puddytat
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[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bob_Benmosche Robert Benmosche], the CEO of AIG--a company that has received over $180 billion in federal bailouts and is still 62% owned by U.S. taxpayers—has gone ...
by bobswern
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Actress Bette Davis once said: Old age ain't for sissies FDRs statement should be true. For decades Social Security was considered untouchable, but Republicans have been ...
by Puddytat
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by nyceve
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The fixation, may I call it obsession over the revolting execution of the Iraqi dictator is big news on Daily Kos and the MSM. Forgive me for injecting a dose of reality into all the Saddem ...
by nyceve
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UPDATE: Just received word from Begich's legislative assistant, Diane Disanto. She has told me that Begich has met with both Senators Bernie Sanders (I. VT) and Tom Harkin (D. IA) and it sounds ...
by poopdogcomedy
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A few days ago, while writing about the political action committee Our Country Deserves Better - the money behind the infamous Tea Party Express - I learned a little more about the ...
by the girl
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