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Cross-posted at Facing South Texas-based ...
by ProgressiveSouth
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From Pickens County, SC sheriff Rick Clark's Facebook post : I usually don't post political items, but today is different. I received this notification today, "As a mark of respect for the memory ...
by SemDem
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Just what TF is wrong with these people? His eyes stinging with pepper spray, a developmentally disabled 21-year-old man was hit and forced to the ground before being taken into custody by ...
by jpmassar
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There's a huge story breaking in Phoenix, Arizona regarding the jailing of the founders of the Phoenix New Times newspaper by the Maricopa Country Sheriff's Office led by the "the toughest sheriff ...
by artmartin
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Please excuse me as I am new and am still learning the knack of diaries. This morning, I ...
by The Swimmer
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This isn't much of a dairy...but what the hell is going on with all these killings of elected lawmen? From WILLIAMSON, W. VA: [Wednesday April 3, 2013 http://www.dailymail.com/News/breakingnews/...
by Annalize5
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Kendrick Johnson Lowndes High School Sophomore Body Discovered inside School Gym on January 11. 2013 Dear Kendrick Johnson, I am sorry that you lost your life at the tender age of 17. I am sorry ...
by Phoebe Weatherfield
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Former Graham County sheriff Richard Mack announced last month during a speech in Pueblo, CO, that he plans to turn Navajo County Arizona into a right-wing paradise. Mack told a Tea Party assembly ...
by dobleremolque
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Alameda County, situated as it is in the Bay Area, is one of the most progressive enclaves of this country. Barack Obama received 79% of the county's vote in 2012 . Barbara Lee got 87%. No ...
by jpmassar
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July 19—The Arizona county Sheriff Joe Arpaio went on trial Thursday in federal court, charged with violating the First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments of the US Constitution and Title VI, the ...
by Jimmy Zuma
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One hundred days ago Morgan Stanley was threatening to send in the sheriffs and a moving truck the next day to evict Jodie Randolph from her house in Alameda, California. One hundred days ago it ...
by jpmassar
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I'm normally a nice person, and don't let "kooks" ruffle my feathers, but this time I got so damn angry, I had to clean the refrigerator to keep from slamming something!
by vegasgrandma
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Will tomorrow's headline be: 1000 prisoners and seputies dead in Galveston Jail? I just read where the Galveston Sherrif's Department has refused to evacuate over 1,000 people from the one-story ...
by miguelmas
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On Sunday afternoon I received a text message from Michael Rothenberg of 100 Thousand Poets for Change (100TPC), “What do you know about Andy Lopez?” I wrote back that English professor/writer ...
by okofay
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by Acebass
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I had a sheriff so bad that he thought locking protestors up in chicken wire enclosures was a good idea. But what does a good Democratic Sheriff look like? It took a whole campaign to find a great ...
by The Grace Kelly
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For background to this story, I highly recommend reading my previous diary on the polygamous towns of Colorado City, Arizona/Hildale, Utah which will help you to understand the dynamic of what has ...
by cany
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Multnomah County Sheriff Dan Staton had this to say: January 17, 2013 Statement from Sheriff Dan Staton Regarding Recent Gun Control Dialogue:To the Citizens of Multnomah County: Recent media ...
by Horace Boothroyd III
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If you are familiar with "America's Toughest Sheriff" as Joe Arpaio call himself, you know he's a self-styled king of Maricopa County (greater PHX) law enforcement. He is a master of media ...
by Leftcandid
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by xelnein
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