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Quick post as I need to leave to take my son to school (my heart is racing even though he's not at this school): In Thurston County in Washington State--no one was hurt: Nobody was hurt during a ...
by Elizaveta
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by Dood Abides
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In a comment this morning, I said that the right-wing would soon seize upon the info that the Arizona shooter advocated burning flags to brand him a liberal. "Long" in this case amounted to few ...
by Sirenus
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The BBC is reporting a man believed to be the shooter who carried out two attacks in the Danish city of Copenhagen has been shot and killed after opening fire on police. Two separate attacks ...
by xaxnar
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RCMP has confirmed that the suspect in the murder of three RCMP officers and the attempted murder of two others in Moncton, New Brunswick was arrested with no shots fired approximately 45 minutes ago.
by Northwatch
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Shooting shock as fired designer slays foe; video captures gunman's death Once the smoke cleared, it emerged that: * All nine wounded bystanders were struck by NYPD bullets that were aimed at ...
by EdMass
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Following the media’s take on the “Would-be Shooter” story and other stories that deal with the mental illnesses of individuals who commit violent crimes I wrote a bit of a essay to myself ...
by DustinD117
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In reading articles about the Hartford beer distributor shooting I could not help but become overwhelmed by some of the comments about racism charges being overblown, made up, reverse discrimination ...
by gybswtddy
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US gun industry targets kids to secure ...
by thinkingblue
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The initial flurry of publicity over the movie American Sniper is long over at this point. The movie's focus on one sniper's-eye view of the conflict keeps the movie narrative tight. But there is ...
by jfdunphy
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Fox News is on the story.
by adamzero
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