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What if someone told you something that was contrary to how you viewed the world? Something horrible. Would you reject it out-of-hand? Would you rationalize and create an "exception" for it? ...
by gjohnsit
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Did quilts help guide escaped slaves to safety? Did different quilt blocks have specific meanings to slaves, perhaps based on their African past? Was the pattern of stitches and knots informative ...
by Melanie in IA
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The recently enacted federal budget that everybody is regarding with relief but no hosannas failed to extend federal jobless benefits. [http://www.cbpp.org/cms/?fa=view&id=4060 According] to the ...
by Thisbe
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Seems that Republicans who support Arizona's recently passed immigration law want to ask local law enforcement to wear just one more hat. They don't just want them to be the police, they want them ...
by grannyhelen
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Elaine Brown has been many things. Chair of the Black Panther Party from 1974 until 1977. Candidate for Oakland City Council. Candidate for the nomination of the Green Party for President of the ...
by jpmassar
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One could add an awful lot to this subject, I can't because reading about this subject has my mind swimming with all that I've read and followed over the years on this growing Humanitarian Problem ...
by jimstaro
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Twenty three states in the United States of America don't give a damn about the working people living within them. And Republicans in those states are snuffing out labor with so-called right-to-work ...
by Jamie Sanderson
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As you all now it was illegal to help free slaves and many people spent years in prison for that "supposed" crime back in the 19th century. In fact, in Kentucky back in the time when slavery was ...
by LaurenMonica
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While Republican Governor-Elect Nikki Haley plays around in Washington with GOP Congressional members, we here in South Carolina are living it up old school – and I mean old school.
by Jamie Sanderson
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Four days ago, there were fancy celebrations in South Carolina. It was the 150th anniversary of the ...
by lao hong han
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I saw this on Twitter this morning, and was completely flabbergasted. The newscaster, who looks amazed, tried to tell him that it was ridiculous. She also pointed out, correctly, that slaves, like ...
by BadKitties
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Please help me get this petition to 100 signatures. Here is the ...
by dcherry17
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Ever since Barack Obama took office Latinos have been pounding on his door. It seems to me that President Obama could hear them, after all they have been vocal enough. The problem was, the general ...
by carlosgalindo
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I am often motivated by scripture readings in Sunday service to write about them from a different perspective than is customary. Recently, the Gospel Reading in our little ...
by MoGemStone
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by RidgeCook
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This will be short and a companion to my original post >> CBC Questions Cherokee Vote on Black ...
by sephius1
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by greggish
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I am always amazed at people’s misconceptions concerning rumors. Just start rumors about something, (it doesn’t have to be the whole truth and nothing but…) and before long it winds up a part ...
by thinkingblue
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Because Obama is in Africa, the pundits on MSNBC were saying this morning that China has invested far more in Africa than the U.S., and that we should "catch up" (as in, a race to the bottom ). They ...
by Bud Meyers
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This blog is cross-posted at StewartAcuff.com This week was the 100th anniversary of the death of one of America’s greatest heroes – abolitionist and underground railroad engineer Harriet Tubman.
by StewartAcuff
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