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I've been doing an anti-Amazon rant for so long, I'm afraid it's not very fiery these days, but the spectacle of the Krugthulhu attacking Amazon's latest nasty maneuvering inspires me to go on... ...
by doomvox
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People have been bemoaning the death of the bookstore for decades. First, there was the outcry when independent bookstores began to sell their locations to large chains, like B. Dalton. Then there ...
by Dave in Northridge
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Some of you know from my comments on homelessness that I'm not very patient with certain types of reactions. They form a trigger for me, and I'm very aware that other issues represent triggers for ...
by Dave in Northridge
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I'm in the middle of a new experience that is teaching me much about small business and corporate business. I work in a huge (to me) mall. It extends for blocks offering customers climate ...
by people power granny
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Troubled by Rush Limbaugh's " Barack the Magic Negro " song, I wrote to Barnes & Noble pointing out that they are prioritizing profit over a ...
by carpenterale
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I was just on the Free Republic website wherein the racist Freepers were at it again with their blatant expressions of racism, again against Obama. Unfortunately, I can't prove this, as the thread ...
by Randian
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Did you know that Barnes & Noble runs a banner ad on GasBaugh's website? Yep, I've seen it there for weeks, now, off and on. B & N is paying him for it, don't you suppose?
by Hound Dog
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Has Borders given up on fiction completely? Orders from their corporate office make it look that way.
by TPau
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My son loves hanging out at Barnes and Noble. They used to have a train set up and they have plenty of books that you can read without buying. Of course all that just leads to kids saying "can I ...
by mole333
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by CaliBlogger
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by blur991
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by progressiveny04
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