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I think I've talked about religion enough here and there. I'm religious in the sense that i believe in God. I'm fairly liberal in the sense that I believe in reducing income disparity, implementing ...
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We had toyed with the idea of driving over to Maine. Then we talked about heading to Montreal. But when my husband and I thought about it, a trip from Central Vermont to the coast would be quite a ...
by drudau
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I don't enjoy many luxuries in life. I drive a fifteen year old car that's a few hundred miles from the big 200K. We have a very nice large screen television, but no cable to match it and it ...
by catwho
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Well, Hello Again. This is the second little essay (blog/diary) I'm trying to publish this morning. It was the first thing I had written after nothing for fifteen years. I thought I was sharing, ...
by drudau
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A funny thing happened on the way to the Parthenon.. .
by TheSometimesWhy
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Today was eventful and uneventful. So many things happened in the vein of what's been happening, but all at once, and not a surprise. I awoke this morning to a torrential rain outside and a ...
by Muskegon Critic
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Haven't given it much thought untiil lately, but having gotten off to what some might consider a rough start as a wee person, I have managed just fine in the grand scheme of things. Here's the story.
by drudau
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Picture, if you will, a family dinner. Mother's Day Dinner, to be precise. We're having fettucine with a choice of alfredo or pomodoro sauces, sauteed chicken or sweet sausage, salad, various ...
by Gemina13
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"If you want to know a man, read his autobiography--read his hands." My Uncle ...
by TheSometimesWhy
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I’m just not into all the noise around Christmas, which starts in October and reaches sonic boom proportions by mid-December. Besides the unpleasant feeling of perhaps being judged as a Scrooge ...
by drudau
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Hello, This seems as good a place as any to start my small contribution to Daily Kos. Aside from the writing, I haven't a clue as to what all the little "words" really mean...rec? But I am more ...
by drudau
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Sometimes you want to cook, sometimes you want to eat. No matter which, it's always best to be in service.
by TheSometimesWhy
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Last year our city started an annual 5K on Martin Luther King Day, and cleverly combined it into the acronym ML5K. The race is a fundraiser for Extra Special People ...
by catwho
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Settling into a good friendship took three years after our divorce. But it was worth the effort and I strongly urge others to give it a try. Besides, breaking rules feels great. Who says "they" have ...
by drudau
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Sometimes the best gift we can give is the one that has already been given to us...
by TheSometimesWhy
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“Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do” Oscar Wilde "Play is the refuge of people of people who have never listened to their ...
by TheSometimesWhy
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You can believe this or not... I barely do. I will sy that given the op, I'd do it again in a heart beat!
by drudau
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"Freedom is a garment that always looks great on display in a department store window. The difficulties begin when we buy it, take it home, and put it on--the fit is rarely as snug as ...
by TheSometimesWhy
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