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When it comes to the GOP -- they didn't Build that. Most times They Blocked that ...
by jamess
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Crossposted to The Seminole Democrat . Like us on facebook. Hattip Ismay and all of the kossacks who entered. This is something we do every election year. The full list is after the orange cloud.
by SemDem
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There were so many private jets that one fundraiser joked that tiny Heber City Municipal Airport nearby "looked like an Air Force base." Romney's political operation seemed to all but shut down ...
by jamess
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" Mitt Romney has so little economic patriotism that even his money needs a passport ." I love that sound-bite; because it is clear and it's true. Well this former Ohio Governor knows a thing ...
by jamess
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On Wednesday I asked for ideas. On Thursday I posted the winners...but damn if you Kossacks didn't keep coming up with good ones in the comments thread! OK, this is my final post. However, if ...
by SemDem
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I love slogans. Pictures are worth a thousand words but slogans have the last word. So much can be implied and distorted with a simple glib expression, effectively short-circuiting a parade of ...
by Einstoned Onfb
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I think I sense a new trend developing. A trend where somehow, WE -- the sick and fed up people -- are finding the nerve to give the GOP a piece of our minds. Finally.
by jamess
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In my neck of the woods, the local Republicans are showing a real green thumb (actually, perhaps green hammer)
by A Siegel
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Fox News has been rooting for "America to Fail -- ever since 2008" ... And according to Jon Stewart, Fox News knows how to make Lemonade , out of an ever-improving economic situation -- they ...
by jamess
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If the Political Parties were competing Soda Products, the Republican's jingle that they would be universally known by would be: " No New Taxes ." And the Democratic Party's cola slogan would ...
by jamess
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". . . he was systematical, and like all systematick reasoners, he would move both heaven and earth, and twist and torture every thing in nature to support his hypothesis. In a word, I ...
by The Geogre
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WAAAAA ..... AAAY ..... past time, actually. GUN SHOW LOOPHOLE -- Mayors Against Illegal Guns What is the gun show loophole? Federal law allows people who sell guns to avoid running background ...
by jamess
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I have a general 'rule of thumb', when writing a Diary: " Don't make it about yourself ." Today, I'm going to break that rule. I work for a Govt Agency. A database, software programmer .
by jamess
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This from a Democratic Underground blogger One house, One Spouse, Obama, 08 Over the past several weeks some of us have gone into a blue funk as we have witnessed Obama'...
by Cable Car
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Remember that Bail out that Bush and Hank Paulson gave away to Bankers -- It's really: Welfare for Wall Street . Remember that Tax Cut that Bush and the GOP ...
by jamess
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Portland Oregon's progressive radio KPOJ 620 , does this bit where they pose a question about Republicans , and ask listeners to call-in with their witty 6-word answers . This week's question : ...
by jamess
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Thanks to GOP and their new spokesman, the social media world is all abuzz with that amazing Republican stage-craft ... Where do these paragons of no ideas -- get their no ideas from? Just ask ...
by jamess
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My blog's most popular post the past two years was the Bumper Sticker Slogans for the 2008 campaign. I solicted from this and ...
by SemDem
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One of the most prevalent Frank-Luntz-approved Republican memes is that the President "can't run on his record". But the campaign's recent signature line—Osama is dead and GM is alive—is nothing ...
by twem
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Tonight, I'm going to a sign making party fro next Saturday's March Against the War on Women. I have a few slogans, some gleaned from here at DailyKos, and some gleaned elsewhere, but I'd like to ...
by Noddy
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