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There was some News -- that has been 'Bigfooted' by Breitbart -- this week. News ...
by jamess
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Today the New York Times has a report out over the furor over 12-year-old Greame Frost, the young boy who ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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A commenter in another diary wrote about the Edward's $400 haircut story and said: ...but this is the kind of thing that should not have happened from an anti-poverty ...
by pioneer111
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In a moment very reminicent of the infamous Schiavo Memos where Republican staffers discussed how they could take ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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by Steven D
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by clammyc
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I am here to tell a story of the continuing smear campaign against John Kerry, in the hopes that all of you, no matter who your favorite Democrat is, can understand what will happen to ...
by beachmom
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by zic
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John Edwards stood up to FoxNews once again on Friday by refusing to attend the CBC FoxNews debate. Well, it has not taken long for the Right Wing smear machine to start retaliating. In the ...
by TomP
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by Volvo Liberal
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I've been active in politics for over 10 years, most recently as a Chief of Staff to a progressive State Legislator in Silicon Valley, California. But before that, I served as an public official ...
by Trisha Tahmasbi
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Hop on over to TPM Election Central for the lowdown in print. Better yet, you ...
by Walt starr
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by Jeffrey Feldman
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David Iglesias, fired (read honest) New Mexico federal prosecutor, was the subject of a truly vicious attack ad on Albuquerque right wing talk station, KKOB-AM, this morning in drivetime. Funded ...
by AaroninNM
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The recent Republican smear attack of John Edwards' should serve as a bellwether of how the Republicans will once again try win the White House, and of what Democrats must do to moving forward to ...
by Jeffrey Feldman
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By Dave Johnson and James Boyce of Smoking Politics All too often, Democrats ...
by DaveJ and JamesB
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In today's NY Times, Paul Krugman provides an [http://www.nytimes.com/2007/10/12/opinion/12krugman.html excellent summary and critique] of the Republicans' despicable and failed attempt to slime a 12-
by davidkc
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by The Next Agenda
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by RIP Russ
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I wonder how Breitbart will like it when the Magnifying Glass get pointed in his direction? Let's see, shall we? Maybe we can make his feet a little toasty ...
by jamess
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