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You know that nagging feeling you've been experiencing over the last few weeks as the debate over the public option has raged and you've slowly come to realize that the real problem appears to lie ...
by Count Imbroglio
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Just as I was UnAmerican before; I must now be a purist now since: I think that the austerity measures are counter productive. I still think the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were and are ...
by LaFeminista
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I had to laugh as I read this article in Forbes magazine, of all places (OK, it was ...
by cal in cali
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Update : See livetweeting (and hopefully soon video) from her swearing in speech in a new diary here. Update 6:55 AM 1/7 : The above diary has scrolled off. Here's the video of the swearing in and ...
by jpmassar
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At present, I have a fever of 102 degrees, no appetite, aches and pains, and a wicked headache. I'm writing this diary, though, because the truth needs to be told. Socialist medicine is good , fast ...
by james321
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In a stunning turnaround, Socialist alternative candidate Kshama Sawant, who conceded on election night, now has an insurmountable 1148 vote lead in the ostensibly non-partisan Seattle City Council ...
by Sarge in Seattle
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My New Year's resolution is to become mayor of Oakland. Let me know if you will help. ā€” Dan Siegel (@DanMSiegel) January 2, 2014 It's hard to do and say nothing while your police are beating, ...
by jpmassar
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If you have my luck, your hometown is rife with golden year economic pontiffs who made their comfy riches in the "socialist" 50's, 60's, 70's and early 80's (before their hero Reagan's free-market ...
by rhetoricus
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by Mark Fiore
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Kshama Sawant, Socialist Alternative party member and Occupy Seattle participant, was sworn in to the Seattle City Council at approximately 4:00 PM today. "Capitalism has failed the 99 percent,ā€
by jpmassar
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Alameda County, situated as it is in the Bay Area, is one of the most progressive enclaves of this country. Barack Obama received 79% of the county's vote in 2012 . Barbara Lee got 87%. No ...
by jpmassar
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The New Mexico Republican Party continues to compulsively disgrace itself. A month ago the chair of the Bernalillo County Republican Party, Fernando C de Baca, was [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/...
by flitedocnm
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I know putting Candidate Free ensures that no one but my friends will read this mini-missive, but since the only ones likely to read this are my fellow non-fiddling koss(acks,ites, pick your ...
by farmerchuck
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Putting the Maher quote aside, what bothers me, and caused me to write this, was that I am frequently challenged by people who consider me to be unpatriotic just because Iā€™m a liberal/progressive.
by godzakka
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In case you haven't heard, military families have a new hero. It's Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont! Bernie has been a long time friend of veterans and has often presented legislation to help them ...
by angelajean
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Cross-submitted to the Huffington Post . As a lifelong public radio listener, I often hear stories on NPR that have ...
by Brett Ashley McKenzie
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This is my first diary. Let me be very clear at the outset. I am a 72 year old atheist of Jewish ancestry. My political leanings are strongly left, a progressive socialist. I have been reading ...
by blogokvetsch
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(Half snark/Half serious) My father was a Vietnam vet and a Navy Helmsman. His father was a decorated WWII vet and a Navy man as well. I have family going back to ...
by MinistryOfTruth
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...would have been pleased with his adopted country today. He was basically thrown out of the Bronx County Medical Association in the early 1960s for speaking to senior groups in favor of ...
by itzik shpitzik
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The greatest among us will always be the least among us. Even the rich can't buy their way out of this one.
by FrontTowardEnemy
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