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This is some of the best journalism I've seen on TV since...well...probably since the last time Soledad showed her stuff. In this segment, aired Thursday morning on CNN's Starting Point, Ms O'Brien ...
by AmBushed
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Another great reason never to watch Morning Joe, Soledad O'Brien on CNN. Think Progress has an excellent post about today's show in which she criticized Senator Jeff Session (R. Ala.) for trying ...
by TomP
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Daily Kos: @ soledad_obrien Is the Best Thing To Happen To Journalism dailykos.com/story/2012/10/… via @ dailykos — therehastobeaway (@THTBAW)
by therehastobeaway
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Soldad asked John Sununu for an explanation of how Willard's medicare budget plan was different from that of Paul Ryan. Sununu treats her like a child and she is having none of it.
by Olympia
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This is reporting. This is what we have missed. Reporters calling liars out for telling lies. Republicans want to use the death of Ambassador Stevens as a Carter moment, where the election and ...
by The BigotBasher
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Kans Republicans Ever Learn? Just one day after Soledad O'Brien turned John Sununu into a stuttering bowl of partisan hack goo as he repeated the blatant falsehood that President Obame "Stole" from ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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Every single reporter out there should be paying attention to Soledad O'Brien to see how they should be practicing their craft. This morning she flat out schooled angry old man Rudy Giuliani with ...
by JohnnyAppleseed
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Al Jazeera America confirmed this morning that former CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien has moved to their network .
by bink
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Then again, how can you be what you never were? I had a diary on this written earlier and it went poof. Made a comment about it in another diary and someone suggested it was still worth diarying so ...
by Vita Brevis
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Cross posted from Doug's Views I have one message to Joe, Sean, Pat, Nora, Soledad, Chris, Campbell, Wolf, and the other "commentators" covering the ...
by cadfile
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If you've listened to John Edwards, you know that he has a vision for what our nation will look like within 30 years and there's no mistake about what that vision encompasses. On the CNN Forum on ...
by Iddybud
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crossposted at Mydd.com by nextgen McCain/Palin need to be more careful when pandering to special ...
by robertacker13
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UPDATE: Click here to listen to the segment of Lou Dobbs' ...
by AmericasVoice
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To-May-to, To-MAH-to - what's the difference when a measly $6,400/year is on the line?
by Frank Vyan Walton
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In this edition: NYT embarrassing itself again; A real straight talkin’ Senator; A lot of people owe Nancy Pelosi an apology; We need an inquiry into pre-Iraq war reporting; Edwards campaign ...
by Newsie8200
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When Tim Russert died, he left behind a big legacy as he was the host of Meet the Press for many years. His journalism is definitely respected by many in both the Democratic and Republican parties ...
by pipsorcle
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One can only hope the rumor and insinuation that Soledad O’Brien is likely out at CNN will not come to fruition. There are few journalists left at these networks that are willing to jeopardize ...
by Egberto Willies
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by Barbara Morrill
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And it is beautiful to behold. “ Where do you see an apology? ” O’Brien wondered. “You called it an apology tour. You said, ‘the apologies.’ What apologies are you specifically ...
by Frank Vyan Walton
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A pair of one-night polls gave Barack Obama a clear edge over John McCain in their first presidential debate. Fifty-one percent said Obama, the Democrat, did a better job in Friday night's ...
by Election2008USA
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