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What happens if your guy McCain, who you raise a boatload of cash for, is going to lose the big one? How 'bout you go after ...
by seaturtles
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The main public beach on Jekyll Island State Park suddenly has a reprieve. And I have to say, I'm shocked. Thrilled. ...
by seaturtles
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I kid you not. Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, a Republican re-elected with 60 percent of the vote, has made praying for rain part of his official policy to deal with the ongoing draught and water ...
by Jim J
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Want the scoop on hot races around the country? Get the digest emailed to you each weekday morning. Sign up here . Leading Off : • TX-...
by David Nir
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Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, angry that state Attorney General Thurbert Baker will not sign onto the lawsuit against the health care reform insurance mandate, is going rogue and appointing his own "...
by Jim J
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The Georgia AG Thurbert Baker is a guy who deserves all the support that we can afford. He is in a tough southern state with a republican governor (who believes in praying for rain ;-) )and is ...
by soms
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It's not like you can be too obvious in Georgia politics anymore, can you? Perdue and the Republican leadership, bless their little black hearts, barely even try to deny that lobbyists run the place.
by seaturtles
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Nobody does it as well- or as brazenly- as the Jekyll Island Authority and the guy who appointed its members, Governor ...
by seaturtles
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cross posted @ Standing Before the ...
by omachoomar
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I have been writing about this issue on kos because it's a perfect example of what I consider the greed of developers, the ...
by seaturtles
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I’ve spent a lot of time pointing out what I obviously feel is a land grab by Linger Longer Communities in regards ...
by seaturtles
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On Monday I wrote a diary concerning the fight over developing Jekyll Island . I detailed how a politically appointed body ...
by seaturtles
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In a very highly unusual move the Republican controlled House voted overwhelmingly to overturn Governor Sonny Perdue's veto of the states budget. The vote made the Lt. Governor mad and he ...
by testvet6778
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Following the incredible rains that struck Georgia in the past week, I imagined this conversation between Barack Obama and Governor Sonny Perdue. My heart truly goes out to the people - not the ...
by poncho and lefty
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On Friday, March 13, Georgia’s Senate and House both passed bills designed to limit stem cell research and grant embryos the status of full personhood.
by sboucher
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On Sunday the Washington Post speculated about possible Vice Presidential partners for each party. Sonny Perdue, GA’s ...
by seaturtles
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Is Colorado Republican Bob Beauprez really up 10 points? Probably not. Leading Off : • CO-Gov, IA-Sen : Well, you can have one of two reactions to Quinnipiac's new polls ...
by David Nir
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On today's Atlanta Journal Constitution Op-Ed page , a Georgia Republican claims ...
by Zeep
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by RedStateDem
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We've all been talking about what a hypocrite Sonny Perdue is along with all Georgian Republicans in general. They like to dis the federal government and federal programs and federal spending every ...
by trillian
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