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Hello Kossacks! And thanks so much for your unbelievably generous support of my campaign: together we've raised over $1 million in small contributions--in less than 48 hours. I honestly cannot ...
by Rob Miller
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More often than not, and as a matter of fact - systematically, the relevant stories about what is really going on in America are intentionally left out of the mainstream media. This is particularly ...
by janicegwashington
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This is my first diary and I am sure it will show but here goes. Many in our community, Charleston, SC, oppose a planned expansion of the Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminal and have made our voices heard ...
by saildude
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Good guy, Stephen Colbert gives a lesson in charitable giving.
by Jen Hayden
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I just got back from my polling place in South Carolina - and I had to fight to cast my African American vote. This sweet little southern belle was the leader and she tried her cotton-pickin best to ...
by mizzum
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Wow. All I can say is...good for him, seriously: Lifelong Republican Turns On His Party, Embraces Obamacare Luis Lang, who is currently crowdfunding for medical expenses that he can’t afford ...
by Brainwrap
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This story just strikes me as sad, so very sad, and I want to recognize this trailblazing woman. Juanita Goggins was the first black woman elected to the South Carolina General Assembly, back in ...
by Senor Unoball
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Remember President Obama's first address to Congress in February? When he held up Ty'Sheoma Bethea's plea for help for her school, the 111-year-old, crumbling J.V. Martin Junior High School as part ...
by Pragmaticus
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Usually, when I get to the NY Times op-ed page whether in print or online and see Maureen Dowd, I prepare for disappointment. Her columns tend to start out with promise. A catchy headline, a ...
by oxfdblue
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I received the email from my Dad a few days ago. "Can you believe South Carolina? No wonder you live in Colorado." Wondering what new embarrassments had emerged from my tiny home state, I clicked ...
by susan in sc
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LANDSLIDE – From Sea to Shining ...
by Al Rodgers
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Once in a while, one of the ruling elite is so overcome by hubris or stupidity that he lets slip out one of the truisms that the rich tell themselves to justify their never-ending rape and pillaging ...
by goinsouth
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Many of us have been speculating for weeks now that since the nomination is out of reach, Hillary's main objective is to clobber Obama enough so that he won't beat McCain, thus preserving her ...
by jkddude
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All people die. Few, however, get the opportunity to die a hero's death. This morning, my friend passed away during the commission of a brave act of unselfishness. Radisson Dana would have turned 28 ...
by Grizzard
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Crossposted from Left Toon Lane , Bilerico Project & My Left ...
by StormBear
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Hi, This will be short, because I think I'm coming down with something and I hope I didn't miss a dairy on this. (I searched for one, really.) The administrator of the Diocese of Charleston ...
by teresahill
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by Public D
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In an interview shown a few minutes ago on MSNBC and conducted earlier today, Bill Clinton was asked about the fairness of the "two against one" nature of he and Hillary both campaigning against ...
by leevank
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Racism at CPAC. I'm not. And it's time for your shock to subside, too. There's a reason that people like this guy make complete fools of themselves in public. I'll tell you why, because I grew up ...
by Grizzard
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Obama is far out ahead in South Carolina in the polls, but we may have a different second place contender. The day after the debate John Edwards was polled within four points of Hillary Clinton in ...
by sarahlane
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