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Lovejoy dove into the sun in 2011 and lived to shine in 2012. Incredible images from the Space Station and solar research satellites tell the amazing story of comet Lovejoy.
by FishOutofWater
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MAIN ARTICLE: Zero G Experiment Wins Cash Prize. Is the a sign of things to come? When the new suborbital commercial spacecraft start flying will they also be flying a ...
by Vladislaw
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The one eternal question that agonizes engineers and planners is: can a way be found to improve on a design? Of course, the answer is always yes, so instead of wasting time answering silly questions,
by The NM STAR Group
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If you haven't toured the International Space Station, this 29 minute video is your opportunity. It is led by astronaut Suni Williams . Suni served as Station Commander for Expedition 33. She landed ...
by jim in IA
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Many people still have no real appreciation of the importance of Space policy, or how vital it is that the United States continues to invest in it. Darksyde'...
by xaxnar
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Its always been a dream of mine to look down upon the earth from far above. Its a dream that I have slowly accepted will never be a reality. However for those lucky few, the most recent addition to ...
by LaFeminista
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Space tourism will one day become a major industry in space. Our space program calls for using tourism as one of the many ways to generate income. However, we feel that just going into space is not ...
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MAIN ARTICLE: China Plans Space Station for 2010. China expands it's plans for space with a new space station. Modules to start launching in 2010. More below the fold.
by Vladislaw
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With a Hat Tip to the band Deep Purple . We left the last diary and our home away from home up and running and ready to be occupied. Personnel should be coming and going between the Spaceport in ...
by The NM STAR Group
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Why are we feeding machines with fuel/energy from organic surces? Machines are not alive and can be fed with non-organic energy sources.
by Aidos
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NASA needs to specifically articulate its long term goals for manned space flight to the American people! We need to know where we're going, why we're going, and how much its going ...
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by Roger Burke
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MAIN ARTICLE: NASA freezes space station supply contract. New contracts put on hold. Poll Results: If you missed yesterday'...
by Vladislaw
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Note to readers: This lesson plan, as well as all the other similar articles we've written, may appear, to some folks, like the next thing to Greek language (the math stuff), but bear in mind these S.
by STEM For the Classroom
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With Russia threatening to end its participation in the International Space Station (ISS) program and possibly even removing one of its major components from the orbiting space station after 2020, ...
by newpapyrus
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Tonight if the weather is right you can see the Space Station & the cargo ship pass by. In Charlotte the time is 9:48. you'll see it in the sky WSW it will take 6 minutes to disappear to the NE. ...
by eeff
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Those who still follow NASA’s work were riveted to news reports last week about the efforts to repair the International Space Station’s solar panel. It involved the most dangerous ...
by zwerlst
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The explosion of the Antares rocket, that was on its way to the ISS to deliver needed supplies to the astronauts working there, 205 miles up, was a devastating reality blow to space exploration and ...
by thinkingblue
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