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Today, after a week long bashing by Stars and Stripes Magazine, among others, the Pentagon cancels the Rendon Group's contract involving analyzing military reporters with "positive", "negative" or "...
by calchala
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A quick update diary to two I recently posted, one much earlier today. This just hit the wires a couple of hours ago: Commander denies SEAL's claim made in Esquire ...
by jimstaro
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Around 8pmest every night Starting Monday I will be raising funds for Planned Parenthood:) Professional um, erm..Ass...um Rep Peter King (R-NY) chair of the US ...
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The fact that seven years after the attacks on the WTC and Pentagon, and some six years after the formation of the Department of Homeland Security , ...
by markthshark
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In March 2009, Daniel Choi, a linguist for the US Army, announced that he was a homosexual. In May 2009, he was informed he was being discharged from the military. Choi is an Arab linguist with a ...
by CatM
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by Cedwyn
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Reading the posting yesterday, when it first hit, the first thought I had as to what really was misinformation was an attempt to market an upcoming book. My guess, only, the author of the piece and ...
by jimstaro
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A few days ago Stars and Stripes reported on a Pentagon program in which reporters who want to embed with American military ...
by quaoar
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I'm not sure why I start this off with an apology, but I know how some of you all are defending your work. In case you missed Stars and Stripes the sometimes ...
by Peter Laesch
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They're about to give them self-correcting trajectories. Bad shot? -- No problem! DARPA Tech will soon come to the rescue, and self-correct for those built-in "human weaknesses" of yours ... ...
by jamess
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Well, folks, the Treasury Department, unlike the House of Representatives, is getting their ducks in a row. They know that a loss of funding means that someone isn't going to get paid next week. They'
by angelajean
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‘Capture the Flag: A Political History of American Patriotism’
by jimstaro
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UpDating an earlier post that followed the growing questions about the Esquire article about the SEAL Team 6 member on the raid on the bin Laden compound. The author of the controversial Esquire ...
by jimstaro
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Right before I got out of the car this morning on my way into work, I was flipping through the stations on my radio and ended up on Shade45, one of the rap stations on Sirius. Although not really ...
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