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Once again, a respected standard-promulgator of a large medical specialty - in this case the American College of Cardiology - has been persuaded to recommend blanket prescribing of an expensive [or ...
by pianogramma
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A lot of news outlets including AP yesterday and the NY Times today, are fronting an important study being published in the medical ...
by DrSteveB
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by BrianMcFadden
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Doctors around the whirled have long pushed Statins as a magical mystery tour of health and eternal yute. That might have to be amended to "infernal" instead. By forcefully (and I mean forcefully) ...
by agnostic
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As everyone knows, I had my gallbladder out in late June. Because of this, I had to limit my intake of fats quite a bit to avoid what I like to call an Unpleasant Digestive Episode. This means ...
by Ellid
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Statins are now being promoted for use in children. This is outrageous. Statins have been heavily promoted for adults and web sites are springing out all over with complaints describing serious ...
by theworksanddays
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F IND SPECIFIC KEYWORDS BY HOLDING DOWN THE CONTROL KEY & TAPPING F TO GET A SEARCH BAR. Browsing these 155+ linked article titles gives a good grasp of the range of professional discussion, ...
by mettle fatigue
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by proudlattedrinker
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AstraZeneca, maker of Crestor (rosuvastatin calcium) now claims that people with normal cholesterol are also at risk for heart attack. AstraZeneca's "study" shows that if this ...
by gfsarbo
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England's National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has issued new draft guidelines for NHS doctors detailing which patients should be offered statins to prevent or delay heart ...
by Lib Dem FoP
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