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As noted in another diary , Joe Biden had the temerity to criticize the Republican position on stem cell research. ...
by Geekesque
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I've written about experiencing internal bleeding off and on for the past 3 months. Well, after filling my toilet bowl with blood this weekend, this coward finally followed my family doctor's advice ...
by ImpeachKingBushII
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by Barbara Morrill
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The Washington Post is reporting on some of the first steps the Obama administration ...
by zenbowl
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So, of course we care about stem cells research here. Sorry if I offended anyone by seeming to suggest otherwise. We care because it's right, because waste is stupid, and because the politics of ...
by 2kate2
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The reason I wanted to get into Natasha's case some more, is because I found a dangerous mis-conception in the comment of a ski-patroller in another diary about Natasha's accident. ...
by fayeforcure
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I used to play soccer. I was on a championship team in high school, and I played in Africa in exhibition games for villagers who had never seen a white man, let alone a white man kicking a soccer ...
by Zacapoet
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This just came over the wire from AP. Here is the gist of it: ST. LOUIS - An ...
by MouseOfSuburbia
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Following the lead of soon-to-be Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's [http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/11/22/115934/01 pledge] to keep the House open for business in January,
by Oreo
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by awol
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That Republicans would try to politicize the ...
by Jon Perr
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by Senator Tom Harkin
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This is my niece, Kate:
by noweasels
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by Blue Waters Run Deep
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by Sarah R Carter
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The Family Research Council is perhaps the most powerful lobbying arm of the Religious Right in America today. They are trying to defeat California's Assembly Bill 190 (Wieckowski, D-Fremont), which ...
by diverdonreed
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